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I Love T-Shirts…but what’s s going on here?

T-shirts are probably my favorite piece of apparel behind shoes and basketball shorts. They’re comfortable and easy to maintain, and they have classic fashion status (the day t-shirts go out of style the day society ceases to exist). Well right now the t-shirt is having a bit of a reboot in the form of different neck styles….and I’m not sure if I like it.

I was listening to a song by Pacific Division, an up and coming group out of LA and in a freestyle (over Busta Rhyme’s Touch it Beat produced by Swizzy and Dre), they mentioned wearing white tees with tight necks. And I said well that must be how they do it out West cause that’s how everybody i know up and down the coast wears t-shirts. And then I thought to myself, “that’s pretty much how everybody wears tees. You know with the fitted neck right? The only way to wear them.”

And then a couple of months ago, I was reading something on one of the hip hop blogs I frequent and there was a new Joe Budden track. What made the post stand out besides the fact that the best rapper alive had a new track was the picture. Dude was standing in the middle of the club with a mean ice grill on his face in a white tee. Now why is that funny? Because you could damn near see the top of his belly button in the shirt cause the neck was so loose. I thought to myself “well I guess that’s what they do in Jersey.” But why Joe? LOL.

But even at that point I just dismissed it as something they do somewhere else that I had no control over.

Like I said I do a lot of observing and I have seen how tees went from regular, to tall, to snug to trendy, and everything else under the sun. But in all of my observations other than Shaggy I have never seen anybody in a V-neck T-shirt. OK maybe somebody born before 1970 that won’t give up the style, but that’s it. Now I am seeing V-necks everywhere. And they are not hot. Plus most of the time they are rocked very snugly, just like the new jeans fashion that’s going around. I don’t know where hip hop is going these days. What happened to LA Kings hats, Jheri Curls and the flannel shirts with the buttoned top button?

I could understand even the slight V for fashionable purposes or to give a different look, but now its like at minimum cleavage showing V’s and its just not necessary. It is really odd that men are starting to show more skin up top. But we have been on a trend to more androgynous clothing anyways. Was Jadakiss right “tight shirts, tight jeans all these homo-sapiens?”

  1. Gabriel
    06/23/2008 at 11:08 am

    Well there goes my tirade about tall-tees. I hate them. I was a ghetto fool who went out to footlocker every paycheck and bought 3 (or 4 in some rare cases) for 20 and thought I was the hoodest mutha who ever went to college. Now I’m stuck with billions (not really billions) of them. If I had a time machine I would have went back and beat myself up. Oh yeah. V-Necks are not sexy…in the least.

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