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Profile, Vitals, Stats, Measurements etc.

Wesley James Robinson I


198 lbs

Black Hair

Brown Eyes

Black. In PC terms African American with an eighth Cherokee I believe. Working on making it official with the government.

Single and Straight

Going to school for Journalism and Spanish as majors, with minors in Political Science and English.

Louisville, KY by way of Tacoma, WA (my real home)

Marvel Power grid (out of 7)

Intelligence 5
Strength 4
Speed 4
Durability 6
Energy Projection 1
Fighting Skills 6
Total: 26/42…. An all around decent mutant. No energy projection so that makes me a little weaker than most 😦

About Wesley. Well to start most people call me Wes. Whatever works for you but I will refer to myself as both mostly Wesley as it is my given name. I am a nerd. I spend the majority of my conscious hours on the computer or on the computer. Basketball and baseball top the sports list of interests and then its, music mostly hip hop but I love all types of music, the comics, politics (Go Obama) and whatever else can be melded into my mind. I am very calculating and precise which translates into every facet of my life. That’s it for now.

Everything else you can ask or it will come out of the closet during the course of the blog. I am pretty cool and normal outwardly but strange and awkward inwardly which works for an interesting existence. It will show in the blog through the wide array of topics that will be discussed. Open mindedness and critical thinking are two large chunks of personality that I have that most people don’t. I am not always right, but I will say I tend to think things through a little more than others or try to play the devil’s advocate to at least get people thinking differently.

Through this blog you will get to see me for me. Which is why I don’t classify myself as a certain type of person. Some people think of me as intelligent, others think wow that guy’s stupid. Some think well he’s an asshole, others think he’s so sweet make me wanna lick the (w)rapper. LOL. It goes on and on. That said read for pleasure, read for insight read for learning, whatever you wish just read!


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