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The things that make you feel good

Life has led me down different paths, so when I say I have bounced from career goal to career goal I do not exaggerate. Right now I keep my focus on journalism knowing that with journalism I have a multitude of options to pursue after undergraduate graduation. Something about a quick learner, who can investigate and comprehend just about anything, makes you useful in the work force.

Anyways I have settled on the journalism if for nothing else but to get out of school with some kind of degree and go from there. I got into it more and more fall semester last year and kinda felt like I was actually made for it, even though I didn’t enjoy it all that much. Still, getting published was a nice feeling, even though nobody reads the paper, especially the Kernel. Well I wrote a few pieces I really liked and there were some that people picked up and told me they enjoyed which was nice. The most positive response came from my spring break piece, which I think was popular because my beautiful face was attached to the article and people actually associated me with Wesley Robinson (go figure).

That column was all well and good but my favorite writing and experience came from the Jesus Prom at Southland Christian Church. I got to interview and meet a lot of great people. Participate in one of the most awesome experiences I have ever seen and plain and simple had the opportunity to do something right.

The reason I reference this eight or so months out is I ran into Brewster McCleod the Access (special needs) minister and director at Southland. I didn’t recognize him because his hair was a normal color for someone of his age and not radical bleach blond. I don’t think he recognized me either because of one amazing beard. After he realized who I was he asked me to give him directions to somewhere in the hospital where one of the parishioners was being cared for. He then told me about how much of a help my article was and how they have distributed it to people for the sake of the prom.

At that moment, knowing something I wrote was helpful to others was worth more than a Pulitzer could ever mean and is the main reason why I do what I do, because as Cam’ron said “at the end of the day” you figure out the rest.

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