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Black Republicans, Not just a Nas song

Yahoo! had a story from the U.S. News.com about the state of the black republican vote. Here it is in total, worth the read:


In this article about the black republicans the blog http://hiphoprepublican.com/ is mentioned. Their mission statement of who they are says something about the Democratic party taking the minority votes for granted. I don’t even think the GOP even likes taking the minority vote, they just know they can’t win on whites alone anymore. That article says something about this.

The article also talks about MLK being a Republican and the billboards in southern cities some black Republicans finance the display. They reference democrats who supported slavery and were members of the KKK and the fact that the Republican party “has been the champion of freedom and civil rights for blacks” according to Frances Rice, chairman of the National Black Republican Association. It’s a good article. I recommend the read.

Now I generally don’t go for racial stereotypes…at least seriously. Everybody can agree with certain popular stereotypes to a point, but there is always somebody who doesn’t do what the stereotype says, which is why they are just stupid generalizations. Anyways, black Republicans is something that is an interesting subject. I would suggest reading the article to get some more insight if you’re not familiar with the subject, but if you are you know how rare that is within the black community and what being one generally earns you within said community.

Undoubtedly, ignorance plays a large role in the way both sides perceive each other. But its also a general bullheadedness that doesn’t even hear the other side. That said I don’t really get black Republicans. And not because all black people should be Democrats, but the prominent black Republicans really don’t ever explain why they believe what they believe, except Alan Keys and I am convinced he votes Democrat LOL. I have a few conservative friends, note conservative not Republican, who are registered Republican.

In my observations of the news, books and political information combined with conversations and observation with real people, it seems to me like Republican voters seemingly weigh only a few issues. I have followed politics pretty avidly for years and from what I have seen the reason the GOP has won most of the large elections of the last 60 years isn’t being a better party, but it’s being able to compress and segment elections into competitions about a few issues. So whatever policies go along with the war, not raising taxes (not even the economy), and the pro-life platform get passed. This current election is trying to follow suit. The problem is people are starting to get a little smarter. Thank goodness!

I won’t go as far as saying they do it for the sake of being different or even the extreme of saying that they are self loathing black people, but to me there are flaws in the logic…at least when it comes to voting and endorsements on the national scale.

My voting years have been spent as a Louisville voter where Anne Northup has done a lot to try to obtain and maintain the black vote. But on the in the rest of Kentucky and national scale, I don’t really see that kind of effort. Partially because I can’t be everywhere to know what is going on completely, but also because a token is paraded out, maybe a Bob Johnson or Clarence Thomas speaks and that’s that. No breakdown of issues or anything else, just a black face, who doesn’t represent many if any black people at all sent to try to get a few votes.

To be quite frank, I don’t understand why who is not rich, right wing conservative Christian or just plain anti-Democrat votes Republican these days, regardless of color. But that’s why I am a Democrat LOL.

Now to get to the point of this article, will back Republicans be voting for Barack? I think it’s funny that you can write a story, a newsworthy story, about somebody considering a candidate of a different party.

Take a minute and let that sink in.

And then the color thing is a whole ‘nother mess. It’s sad that color will either be the only reason someone votes for Barack or the only reason they don’t vote for him. Even more sorrowful is black people’s conscience in this situation is primarily dictated by Barack’s blackness.

This is a very raw in incomplete post. It’s here to get it out of my head, maybe get some of you stimulated, reading and talking. At this point, I don’t even know what I typed or if I believe everything I said I believe. It’s 3am and I probably need to be doing something else. Anyways more politics for ya! And I have got one about Identity politics saving the right coming. Gonna be even longer!

Oh my roommate told me Lauer slipped up and said Obama Bin Laden. I simply Googled Obama Bin Laden and found that mistake is very common in the “liberal media.” Funny


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  1. Gabriel
    07/01/2008 at 9:58 am

    Hah, look at my facebook groups. I am in a few Black Republican ones. It is difficult, because when before we were just invisible, now that BHO is running and is showing that he has the tools to lead the US into prosperity (better than it has been recently) people are starting to pay attention to us more and more.

  2. Wes
    07/01/2008 at 4:41 pm

    i can see where youre coming from but if you ever get the time please explain your black republicanism on your blog

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