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Gabriel on Everything: Peanut Butter and Jelly for your soul


Very few people understand life beyond what is in front if them. Even after obtaining degrees from prestigious universities and experiencing much of what life has to offer they still don’t get it. Thankfully this guy Gabriel does. Unfortunately, his blog is much more focused and on topic than my own, so if i lose my 3 readers to him I’ll know why. Actually, I’ll be mad because my blog is better, but whatever, if you choose to be wrong I can’t do anything about that.

At the risk of copyright infringement here is his most recent post as of 9:39 PST, Lexington, KY:

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First and foremost, I would like to thank Sen. Hillary R. Clinton for making this new term possible for everyone’s enjoyment. I must say that it is a great leap forward from the terms that I am used to hearing about Blacks on television. Every positive term that I hear about Blacks pertains to the athletic world. Blacks with ‘mad hops’ are called freaks of nature, Black athletes that are strong are called workhorses, or beasts, Blacks that are swift, agile and fast are compared to deer. Basically, even compliments for prosperous Blacks are demeaning and seek to rob Blacks of their humanity by comparing them to things that are not human in the least. With that being said, I will explain my definition of this new ‘elitist’ term being thrown around from Hillary supporters to those diehard Fox News (if you can call it that) fans.

To those who haven’t realized it yet, when Sen. Clinton (and others like Ralph Nader, Sen. McCain) tried to call out Sen. Obama by saying he was elitist, she (and they) just meant that he is a smart, uppity, too big for his britches n*gger. For those who wish to disagree with me, I look to the actual old school word elitist. Webster (the dictionary…not Immanuel Lewis) defines elitism as ‘leadership or rule by an elite’. Webster’s defines elite as ‘the socially superior part of society’ and ‘a group of persons who by virtue of position or education exercise much power or influence’. Hmmm, in laymen’s terms those definitions sound like rich, White people. Hmmm…isn’t Hilary not only White, but also rich? By golly…she is! One could ask why she chose to use that term to try and call out Sen. Obama. The answer is simple. She wasn’t going for the old school term; she was going for the new term. Sen. Obama made a statement that many people know to be true. He called them out on their safety blanket of guns and religion. The statement attacked one of her strongest fan bases. So because they were so wounded from these hurtful and ‘untrue’ words, so decides to call him out:

Head of Campaign Office in Kentucky: Let’s call him a n*gger. That’ll show that spear-chucker.
Clinton: No…we can’t do that. Even though all he’s only some random mixed guy who happened to pick up a book before he picked up a basketball, all billion (slightly overestimated) of my supporters in the Congressional Black Caucus and all the old Black people like Bob Johnson will turn their backs on me and my elitist ways.
Head of Campaign Office in Kentucky: That’s it! We can call him elitist. We can hide the fact that you’re the wife of a former two term president who sent NAFTA into effect by calling him someone who doesn’t relate to the poor and working class, even though you make millions of dollars a year and he just got through paying off his college loans.
Clinton: I don’t know…
Head of Campaign Office in Kentucky: Come on…he’s no different than any other n*gger. He just happens to have his college education and a law degree from Harvard. We used to call them dumb n*ggers. But with more and more of them going to college and taking our majors (random liberal arts degrees that will do nothing for anyone who doesn’t go to Law school or get their PhD), we can call them elitists when they develop or learn new ideologies and philosophies that help better their situations! That way it won’t be cool for those porch monkeys to learn!
Clinton: Hmmm…that sounds a bit Viacomish to be…but sure, what the heck!


But yeah, being an elitist is cool. One can still represent their intellect, class consciousness, Blackness and not have to resort to that pesky n-word that the Black Vatican buried a year or so ago.

My name is Gabriel…and I am an elitist.

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