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Happy Birthday Kaileigh

Today is my little baby sister’s birthday and what better way to honor her than to blog about her.

Now if you know me you know my sister is my favorite sibling, really only because it’s a two horse race. LOL. Actually, she’s pretty cool when she isn’t opening up birthday cards the day before her birthday.

In fifteen years, Kaileigh has given me a lot of memories good and bad and I must say I am glad I have a random little sister that came unexpectedly. LOL. The day she grows up we will be cool again, but until then I will be that mean brother who picks on his little brother and sister.

No I won’t thank her for all the times (when she was little) she did what I asked for no reason, or be grateful for how her little cute smiling face (a long time ago) kept me level-headed while going thru the trials of adolescence.

Nope…. on a day like today, I will remember the “it won’t come out moments”, the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches mixed with 9-1-1 d calls, and my favorite, the time I broke her arm (not literally I ain’t that mean).

Happy Birthday Kaileigh! And may you have many more.

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  1. Marty McFly
    07/15/2008 at 10:43 am

    she only has three years until the russians come back for her right?

    or are you guys returning her to bob evans?

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