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Election Talk

Being so busy, I haven’t had my time to get my election ’08 stuff out. So I have to really catch up.

Jesse Jackson…. PAB (figure it out) of the week. (I am borrowing that title from Jim Daniels a former late night anchor for Fox Sports Radio. In no way am I that creative). It was nice for people on the outside to see the cowardice that come of the prominent black leaders have regarding their opinion on Barack. While I do not agree with, what Barack’s recent stances and statements on race, I don’t think someone of Rev. Jackson’s stature should make such a statement, even in the most private of moments, as the historical significance of Hussein Obama cannot afford such distention.

I love how the terrorist fist jab has made it back into the news thanks to the New Yorker. It has gotten the whole Muslim, thing going all over again. BTW, who cares if he is a Muslim. Our nation was founded on the principle of church being separate from state. And how hypocritical is it for a country that boasts liberty and justice for all to use a natural right, religion, to potentially persecute a presidential candidate. Oh and I thought the intellectuals and elitists at the New Yorker would know better.

The other day I read something about Barack chastising Bernard McCullough, better known as Bernie Mac about his jokes. This is what I was referring to when I was talking about his recent stances on things that I feel, deal with race. Bernie Mac is a comedian. He tells outrageous and extreme jokes. Recently, at a fundraiser for Obama, Bernie Mac introduced the presumptive Democratic nominee. I wasn’t there, but from what I have read Mac delivered his usual jokes about race, culture, society and social standards. Mac is one of, if not my favorite comedian (I want some milk and cookies, LOL), and I am familiar with his content. It would be safe to assume that the rest of his followers know to. So when he gets on there and says things like:

“Being a president is tough ‘cause you’re not just running the county. You got to run your family too,” Mac said. “Having a black first lady is different. You’re still going have to do the dishes and the laundry and all that …you got to pick up the kids. You didn’t pick up the kids? I just came from Korea, talking about nuclear weapons. You were on Air Force One and you couldn’t stop to pick up the kids?”


“People like rumors. They are going to say things like, you know, you was in the club with Lil’ Kim and you and Kanye West got in a fist fight.”

I think to myself that’s the Mac man at his best—nothing worthy of denouncement by any means. The people know that Mac does movies to dispel racial stereotypes and know that he is a supporter of the types of things Obama seeks through the president. Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Cedric the Entertainer, Steve Harvey and a whole host of other black comedians would probably have said the same thing. It is one thing to be a candidate that happens to be black, but it is another to try to completely negate the influence of race. I am sure things like this are bordering on alienating some black folk around the country.

On to McCain. I logged on to the debaucherous myspace about a week ago and saw and saw 71 year old John McCain now has a profile. Cute. I guess he thinks that will get him votes. I wonder if he knows the demographics of the people that actually use that site…. No I don’t. I REALLY do wonder if he gets spam solicitation from asses…hmmm.

Also he is still pandering to Latinos to get a vote. I again don’t understand how minorities vote for the Republican Party, on a national scale that is.

Sorry for the long post. It’s been a while.


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  1. Gabriel
    07/15/2008 at 6:09 am

    People don’t like gov’t intervention. The vast majority outside of minorities that aren’t Afams hail from places where gov’ts were like dictatorships, or very opressive. It stands to reason that when they came here that is why they wouldn’t want to side with the ideals of a party that is “socialism lite.” I could be wrong, but that is just how I see it.

  2. Wes
    07/15/2008 at 11:03 am

    I feel you. But as much as I think people need to find their own way, you can’t let things just let your fellow man die. Especially when some people save the animals too. in the sense of the latino popoulation the government wants to keep out their brothers and sisters relatively speaking who are attempting to do what their families by coming here. i just dont get it. it would like me saying keep africans out. i want as many black (brown) faces around as i can get

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