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Jay-Z at Glastonbury/Music in general

I am muy late on this…. but Jay killed Glastonbury. I wasn’t there and I haven’t read too many reports about it, so I won’t say he stole the show. But he definitely proved that good music is good music and that’s that. If Jay wasn’t Jay that is.

Jay-Z is a lot of things, but nothing more than clever. When he took the stage for the show he proceeded to “cover” an Oasis hit single Wonderwall. The significance of this is comes from the comments of the lead guitarist and vocalist of Oasis, Noel Gallagher, making the comment that Jay-Z didn’t belong at the traditionally rock/guitar/not hip-hop festival. On a side note, the festival has had many hip-hop acts perform within its confines, just never headlining with so big of a name. Anyways, this action of “performing” a mega-hit of his major detractor was extremely witty on its own showing Jay’s knowledge and the crossover effect of music. But if you consider Jay followed up the clearly sarcastic performance with his own hit 99 Problems (but a b*tch a’int one). Priceless.

But thats not the issue. The issue is why its not ok to listen to music that is different from your culture. My roommates will tell you I listen to whatever and whenever, but I know very few people that have this musical outlook. Occasionally you’ll find a song or two that transcends ethnic, racial, cultural blah blah blah divides, but its rare. It’s just music.

Now I know when I was younger I felt that in order to represent, I had to listen to black music. I remember when my little brother started listening to System of a Down and I made fun of him. The funny thing is SOAD is like my top 5 musical entities I listen to overall. Up there with Joe Budden, Jeezy, Redman, Jay and Fab. But, but because I was so influenced by what was going on around me I fell victim to the laugh at what’s different syndrome. Luckily I was individual enough to take the cd and listen to it myself after I ripped my brother for having it.

But that isn’t the only reason such a thing occurs. Music is set up segregated to where if you’re a fan of punk, you know where to get punk and punk only. You won’t accidentally hear any pop, R & B, or soul. It’s just your comfort zone. Every now and then you’ll find a station with absolutely minimal crossover play. Record companies push the same sounds and same package with every new act. Until this is fixed we will continue to have Glastonbury incidents.

By the way Jay-Z has allegedly reached out to Noel Gallagher and Oasis to collaborate. Thats a start…. This crossover collab is precisely what music needs.


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