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The newest member of the hated club

This blog is about love (check the title) and even though I am considered a hater, I really only hate a select few such as DJ Clue, R. Kelly, Derek Jeter, Sarah Silverman, (I had to remove Kenny Mayne from this list because he is from Washington), and a few others. Seriously it is hard to make this list…. I will play devil’s advocate, or try to get people to properly value an individual or a subject, but that’s only for arguments sake. However right now it’s time to induct a new member to the club: the great David Stern. Hell, send him to the top of the list.

David Stern used an elaborate smoke screen to suit his long term agenda of total control of the NBA, by robbing the city of Seattle of their basketball franchise; a loss which has broken many Seattle Supersonics fans like myself. Well to add insult to injury this PAB is now essentially saying the NBA will be greater than the law if it were to come down to a dispute between the two. Here’s the story:


Howard Schultz (the lame owner who sold the Sonics to the current ownership group headed by the evil Clay Bennett) is suing to regain control of the club. His case is that the Oklahoma City based ownership group did not “in good faith” attempt to keep the team in Seattle. There is no legal precedent to overturn the sale, and quite frankly its a last ditch effort to save face and maintain the tiniest sliver of respectability in the city that earned Schultz his wealth. But, David Stern and the NBA say otherwise.

“The process for approving new owners is critically important to the success and long-term stability of the NBA, as it ensures that the proposed owner will conduct the operations of the team only in conformity with the rules and regulations of the league and will possess the economic resources and managerial skills to the successful operation of a member of the NBA.” That’s according to David Stern’s crony NBA VP Richard W. Buchanan.

Basically the law doesn’t fit in with the leagues constitution. And no matter what the law has to say about contracts and legally binding agreements the leagues constitution supersedes it, cause David Stern says so.

I understand the point that you don’t want to disrupt the move of the team and your precious league, but c’mon. Get over yourself Stern.

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