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A note to extroverts

I wrote a post a while ago about why introverts need to work on more extroverted characteristics so I think it’s only fair I flip the script. I am constantly surrounded by extroverts and let me tell you they piss me off. Not because of how they are, necessarily, but because the less mature ones do not know when to take a step back and be introverted.

What does that mean? Quiet down. Let other people speak and get out what they have to say. Don’t always be the star of the show. And so on and so on.

Let’s use some analogies here to make a point. Look at Superman. As Clark Kent he is an unassuming, quiet, and average man (well as average as you can be at 6’3 and weighing 235 lbs., roughly the size of Albert Pujols and Alex Rodriguez). He runs around during the day doing modest work as a journalism and when the time comes he is the most powerful thing ever created. If you don’t like Superman then for sure you can rock to Spiderman. Pete Parker is a little nerd with problems that dawns a suit and works to keep the world on the right track.

I could continue down the line of superheroes that have secret identities they use to do good, but I wont. You get the point. The thing is people naturally cling to the outspoken blowhards instead of looking at the evidence that’s right in front of them. ‘Cause in the case of the super heroes I mentioned and many other of the fictitious saviors of mankind, it doesn’t take too much detective work to figure out who they are. Like Superman has a magic curl that hides his identity. WOW. Peter Parker is always on the scene when Spidey comes out and gets great photo’s nobody can get, but it’s still a mystery. Hmmm….

I guess in my journey to adopting both personalities I have been a little bit too much of both and am trying to find that superhero balance LOL. But seriously, a little humility and less domination never hurt anyone. Every n0w and then on the Jim Rome Radio show he talks about a washed up star playing the “do you know who I am card” as if they are bigger than the situation. I personally only know a couple of people that carry on with the “do you know who I am” demeanor–but many people act as if the world is going to cease to exist when they do. I am saying this from observation and personal experience with being the center of the universe LOL.

In closing, everybody likes Jesus and he was the most humble person ever, according to the Bible that is. He had the power of God and still was a cool guy. Think about that for a minute…. and then put that into perspective in your life.

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