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What’s wrong with society

There are two things I see that are a big problem with society. One is that value for things is completely f-ed up. Two is that everybody wants something for nothing.

So I’ll start with value. You know how they tell you to eat your fruits and vegetables? Well, the recommended fresh fruit serving for a day would break the bank for the average person. Same goes for vegetables, except you can buy a ton of frozen vegetables full of preservatives and sodium. Yummy! But a grease burger and fries is cheap….

How about music. I love hip-hop, but I hate it at the same time. Why? Because the best rapper alive is the best rapper because he sold a million copies in his first week. I happen to be a fan of said rapper and 5-6 years ago when I was in high school, this rapper was much better lyrically than he is now, but now that he is selling and a hot artist he is the best alive, even though the guy who started that whole title is still alive. I just confused myself.

Lets even take sports. I love the sports. But if I were to go to a professional game of three of the 4 major sports (hockey, football, basketball for the slow ones) it would cost about a quarter of my rent. And in baseball there’s 10 million games so you can go on the cheap, but I haven’t been in forever so that may have even changed. And no only is it expensive as hell to go to games, its getting more expensive to watch. You have to have cable to watch any pro-sport other than on the weekends…. and even the cable package is limited for the pay per subscription service each season. How that bleep is a game supposed to be our national past-time if nobody can watch it?

There’s so many things with messed up value it isn’t funny…. well actually it is because it shows how and why our society is so backwards. But moving on….

Now to people wanting something for nothing. I have been raised to earn whatever it is I want so whatever it is I have worked for. I would like for things to come easier, but I know that the best way to ensure the outcome I desire is to work for it. But I see too many people waiting on something or someone to pick them up. And then there’s those that plot to get rich easy and quick. And still others go through the motions of hard work solely for self gain. In any form however, its just bad. I have moments where I want things to be better personally, financially, socially, spiritually, academically, and every other -ally in life. But I know nothing worth having comes easy.

So if things have skewed values and people don’t work hard what do we have going for us? ….I guess the children are our future.


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