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Where has the orignality gone?

This is gonna be a difficult post cause two of my favorite rappers are guilty of this, or I guess followers of this terrible evil plague of rap….. Rapping over another dudes beat. (I want to say the n-word as they would say in the streets, but after what happened to Jesse Jackson, I doubt any negro with sense will have the n-word be heard out of their mouth).

Anyways, I saw the 30th free over the little creature feature’s track Let the Beat Build today and I thought to myself: “this is what is wrong with hip hop.” The new school, including two of my favorites, Joe Budden and Fabolous, make their names off of getting on somebody else’s track, and in their case doing it better. But very few make a name for themselves on their own original work, so what happens? Rappers flock to get on a beat and outshine the next emcee and you have the A Millie Wars, the Show Me What You Got Struggles, and the Grindin’ games. Its sad.

Spanky, my hurt little cousin said that is what is good about hip hop. Granted, it was in a different and nonsensical context. But whatever, its Spanky aka Marty Mcfly (if he has pissed you off or you want to get at the bum cause for some strange reason you think he is smart thats how to find him. I think he’s going to start blogging soon btw). Anyways, I think its terrible what hip hop has become because it’s replacing sports as the new crack (the method by which urban youth seek to “make it”). Everybody thinks they can get rich off of it, the people who are good at it make it clear that they put no effort into it, and if you don’t succeed, to be quite frank, your f*cked. So you have a bunch of little wanna be “God MC’s” running around trying to be the best rapper alive while making it rain, either dropping tracks in minutes without working on them, and wasting their other assumed talents on rap. Sad I know.

But more importantly the art is dying because all of the skilled aspects of rapping have given way to the subjective aspects of the craft. So wordplay, structure, bar quality, blah blah blah, have given way to flow, beats and whatever the hell else that ru(i)ns hip hop. Again I am not a hater. I listen to the Lil’ Creature of the Su woo gang, the Jeezy’s, and all the new school rappers and I like them a lot, they have brought a lot to the game. I guess I’ll say hip hop needs a few organ transplants.

What if your lungs forgot to breathe or your brain let your thought processes be redundant. It’s getting bad y’all.

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  1. Marty McFly
    07/17/2008 at 10:18 pm

    shut up. this is getting annoying.

    whats wrong with hiphop is the bitter idiots who are constantly looking for reasons to justify their favorite rappers irrelevance by calling the shit dead/fucked up/etc. (sublim!!!)

    theres no arguing that the industry sucks but fools like you are no help. bill cosby ass niggas.

    my first blog will be on you elitist assholes when i get the time

  2. Wes
    07/17/2008 at 10:25 pm

    glad i could help

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