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A recommendation of sorts

I tend not to say much in public, not because I am shy or disinterested–I just want to listen and see what people have to say. This results in me hearing a lot of things I probably shouldn’t hear, some good some bad, some indifferent. Well if anything makes me mad is when I hear people say things that are just stupid… especially when all it would take is a little fact checking, say a quick google search. This can apply to many things, but for this post lets go with slang.

I heard something EXTREMELY stupid, but because I have readers wh0 may not approve vulgar nature of the content, I will just say it was dumb and gross. Anyways, I know what it is because of the company I keep, but this person obviously does not. More than likely heard their cooler older brother or their favorite rapper say the statement in question and thought it was OK to repeat. Well they were completely wrong and looked like an idiot, but only to me because apparently I was the only person who knew what it really meant.

Moral to the story: before you go quoting the latest slang, ebonics, lingo, whatever, do some fact checking. And for things like that go to http://urbandictionary.com. That way you can see what something really means, and what the stupid idiots think something means.

An cleaner example I can give is sizzurp. Sizzurp is popular in the south, I guess coming out of Houston. It is like a downer pretty much and its soda, jolly rancher, and script strength cough syrup. I have heard people refer to everything under the sun as sizzurp…. and the funny thing is Three 6 Mafia made a song about it several years ago, which told y’all what it was!

So all I am saying is with slang and being street, hood, ghetto, real, whatever it is–make sure you’re up on the terminology, or at least that everybody around is as ignorant as you. So before you say you’ve been “supermanning that ho” or “sippin on sizzurp” make sure you know what you’re doing. And don’t be afraid to say you don’t know what something means. ‘Cause if you’re quick on your feet you can create the newest slang!


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