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Not that anybody cares but…here

I’ll be gone next week and will either blog once about the whole UNITY (all the minority journalism people under one roof) Conference at once when I get back, time release some dry old thoughts to keep you going, maybe blog while I am there, a little bit of all three, or nothing at all.

By the way. That new Batman is hot, I want so bad to say Heath Ledger didn’t kill it to be a non-conformist but he did. He was excellent. For that matter the whole movie was excellent. There wasn’t a wasted minute, a wasted scene, a twist that didn’t have an explanation….. It was an all around good movie. I would like to thank the writers, because for whatever reason writers f*ck up a lot of sh*t when it comes to movies and just do stupid a$$ stuff, but they didn’t here.

Worth the hype, worth the time, worth the crowded theater. Back to the performances. I am a firm believer that any decent actor can pull off a good job if the script is good. Take Butterfly Effect. Ashton Kutcher looked like a real actor. On the other side of the spectrum Denzel Washington, who is a great actor has been cast in terribly written movies which has made him look less credible as an actor i.e Training Day, Inside Man, and from what I hear American Gangster. So Heath Ledger had an amazing performance, but lets give the screenwriters their due.

Also, if you read this and you know me give me suggestions of what to blog about. I’m running dry and trying to save ideas for my column as well. Thanks

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