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A little explanation

Why do I add “Salute” to the end of some of my posts? Well it is simple. I am nuts.

Actually, its because I respect each and every one of you who read this blog. Surprisingly I have gotten feedback from over 34 people and that is quite humbling. It is nice to have people read what I write no matter how asinine, grammerically incorrect, or unnecessarily wordy my posts are.

I somewhat grew up as a military brat, and have always been surrounded by people who are a part of military culture. One part of that culture I like in particular, besides discipline, is the salute. It demonstrates respect both ways, but generally honors individuals of mutual creed.

So when I write something that particularly burns on my mind I salute you people for bearing with me while I do whatever it is that I do.

BTW because of several comments I will do my best to get at least 3 posts out per week from now on! Thanks guys and gals.


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