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I don’t care. Make it stop.

I only have two desires to get in to journalism:

1. To help people through investigative journalism or well thought out opinions in columns and books
2. To overthrow ESPN. And when I say overthrow I could do it from within or from the outside.

Why do I have such a problem with ESPN? The past two months Favredom is a mega-microcosm of the problem. (I have been sitting on this for a while, but I think my rage has subsided enough to make a point… I hope).

The other I found myself screaming profusely at the zilumboanyangebillionth hour of Brett Favre coverage on the four letter network, because it was interrupting my beloved Around the Horn. I couldn’t help but feel like an idiot. Not because I was yelling at an inanimate object—but because I know that even though I am right for being mad. This Brett Favre malarkey needs to go away, but it won’t. Why? Because for whatever reason people want to see Brett F. Favre board private jets like a CEO, riding round rural Wisconsin in a cherry Red Escalade on Urlachers like a boss, and scurry to secret meetings like the president. Case and point: The Favre circus covered the man running a lap for fumbling a snap… expletive, expletive, expletive who cares!!!!!!

I lose. This will go on all season. Favre is in New York… more of an excuse to cover his every move.

Maybe television sports media, ESPN, thinks that’s what people want. Hmm I don’t know. But I do know that is whether it be T.O., Roger Clemens, Barry Lamar Bonds, Adam “make it rain” Pacman Jones, or whatever story they leech on and don’t let go of, my brain ends up hurt.

Essentially the same opinion is spit out hour after hour in the form of different anchors, experts and sports pundits… if only there were an alternative. Television wise ESPN has no competitors. I know there is Fox Sports Net, but that is second rate trash. Half of it is Best Damn this or that or some dryly commentated, second rate sporting event. I do listen to Fox Sports Radio a lot, but it’s good to have something to see. Every other network that covers sports covers it anecdotally so the only outlet I have is ESPN. Thankfully I have the mute button… but I miss a lot of stuff for not being able to hear what they are saying.

Thank God the “worldwide leader in sports” has Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson covering the NBA otherwise I would not be able to watch basketball any day but Thursday with Barkley, EJ and Kenny the Jet. So that’s three things Around the Horn, Pardon the Interruption and the A-team for basketball. (And I hope Van Gundy and Mark Jackson stay analyzing, you aren’t coaches you are entertainers.)

Oh yeah I don’t care about what happens to Brett Favre. He is very good; I guess great, but not the best. He did this to himself and I don’t want my favorite hour of the day, 5-6pm EST Around the Horn and Pardon the Interruption, disturbed by reports about Favre meeting for 6 hours and possibly being traded to a non-divisional team who may want to pick up his 12 mil contract but may not want to slow the development of their team let alone bring in a man diva mans man who’s feelings are hurt and wants to play after flip-flopping on a tearful retirement…Or as it stands now how much he is going to play in a practice game.

I don’t care. Make it stop! From now on I will boycott that whole situation and he will be referred to as a pronoun in disgust.


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