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Impulse post…Read it all!!!!!!

Today is a random day so I am going to randomly post about a couple of things.

First thing, I saw a ton of white girls running around for sorority recruitment. I had no problem with it other than there were more girls out than the total population at UK. Seriously. Also, I couldn’t get anywhere for the massive pack of moving pledges. The majority of them had on the same dress, heels and hairstyle. A few were smart enough to have flip flops on and weren’t trotting around like Big Brown with a busted up hoof. A couple had shorter less radioactive blond hair. And dare say I caught a few that weren’t wearing pretentious designer sunglasses, looking smug as hell. Ironically, my friends in sororities don’t fit that description. Similarly irony is that I never see those types of girls any other time of the year except at Main Street Live or Keeneland.

I got my lunch before I started working so I went to the hospital cafeteria where I usually eat. I normally don’t like to make fun of people (ha), but I saw this guy with a hairstyle that would make LC happy. It was a messy ponytail, with messy bangs and with some $500 highlights, btw I wish I didn’t know who Lauren Conrad is–oh the things you for lo… Anyways, to top it off the guy had a goatee that resembled the goatee Dave Chappelle wore as he parodied Prince; basically it looked like it had been drawn on. Pure comedy.

My job is pretty easy laid back and cool. Basically I just chill in an office, get the mail, make copies, run things around, etc etc. I love the people I directly work for and enjoy the opportunity I have to do what I do, which is whatever they tell me to. No, I’m not a slave or anything like that, but I do a lot of different things, which make it really difficult to come up with a job description for a resume, but garners lots of experience. Actually, I’m writing this at work…

So, I like my job, but—and this is a big but—there are too many people who think they have authority over me. I don’t mind being asked to do things because I know my job is to make everybody else’s job easy, and since I’m hourly I don’t get paid if I don’t come in. Long story short, one of my superiors had to come in and fix a situation for a visiting party that I easily solved, however the visiting party acted as if I had no idea of anything about anything. I may be a lowly hourly employee, but I like many people of my ilk make things work. I hope you all remember that when you get to be big and famous. It’s the little people that make things go… Actually it’s the people society calls little, ‘cause they aren’t little.

A thought to ponder from Bill Maher, of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, from an interview with Larry King Tuesday, August 19, 2008:

KING: You got to be pleased by T. Boone Pickens. He was on this show for an hour, against oil addiction, in favor of wind power.

MAHER: Right, we’re trying to get him on our show. I would love to talk to him.

KING: I bet he would come.

MAHER: Yes. And that shows you where we are. When an 80-year- old oil man has to show the government the way. You know, this guy gets it. You know, I just — I just — I hate to be despairing. But, again, you know, when I hear two thirds of Americans are for oil drilling, oil drilling which is not going to improve anything at all. Oil companies and oceans never worked out so well before. In fact, the phrase that we have for things not going well together is actually oil and water.

KING: Yes, you’re right. Good point.

Oil and water don’t mix…hmmm. I guess we won’t figure it out till we’re all down at the beach washing off the fish.


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  1. Gabriel
    08/22/2008 at 12:58 pm

    I never thought I’d live to say this, but…too many snowbunnies are a bad thing.

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