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Today was a _ _ _ _ day

It wasn’t good, it wasn’t bad. It just was a day.

I did UK Fusion, which is this huge community service based event designed to get students involved. That was interesting. Then I did my first Kernel Edit Board Meeting. More interestingness. Neither bad by any means, just something new to add to my life experiences.

I did some of the welcome week stuff which was cool and got to see some familiar and new faces… thats always nice. BTW I am sincerely sticking to my commitment to be cool and sociable. I don’t know how I am going to do it, but by golly I will.

Today I saw that Daddy Yankee (the guy that did that Rompe)endorsed John McCain. That was interesting…and not in a good way. It reaks tokenism among many other things that will influence an unaware audience into voting making a bad decision. Even if it is just one voter its bad enough. And as much as I think bigger picture, I also recognize the power of the individual, because that uninformed vote influences people in ways that can weave a web of ignorance and singular thought processes that can steal an election(wait…that’s big picture). All that said, I would much rather have Young Jeezy’s endorsement than Daddy Yankee’s. Young said “y’all touch him we ridin'”, that’s real dedication even though I don’t advocate “ridin'” on anybody LOL.

On a positive note, Michelle (Robinson) Obama gave a great speech that Republicans are trying to chop up and say lacked substance. Aside: I NEED to find a woman like that… I dont see it happening, but hey, here’s hoping! Again they are using the out of touch perspective that asks for specifics, neglecting that the prevailing desire to make America better, while vague will take shape as we all have our say in this election. Lack of experience, and the theory of Barack being a blank slate have been thrown around, but I look at the two as fresh perspective and careful consideration of issues before making a decision.

A lot of companies hire cunning new thinkers to come up with fresh ideas and keep their business running, why can’t politics be the same. Most of our country is a profit driven machine anyways, so why not? Because the fresh ideas include making health care less of a money maker and more of a problem solve…. geez why would we vote for that Obama guy?

Additionally, this whole blank slate thing is BS–although I will say the Obama campaign hasn’t really framed this issue well. In representative politics, a politician cannot rush to judgment and make rash decisions. Look at Bush-Cheney’s stance on Iraq. Essentially they ran in there and rode on Iraq, because one half of the country wanted to do so based on, I’ll go with slanted, intelligence from our guys. That quick decision, among with many other unrepresentative decisions have Bush and Cheney enjoying some of the lowest approval ratings ever by a president and vice president respectvely. Nice. Again, why vote for the guy that considers stuff and makes compromise, gosh thats stupid.

Random song playing in my head: Jamiroquai-Virtual Insanity
Virtual Insanity – Jamiroquai

I think the internet is giving me virtual insanity, I literally spend more time on the internet than I do being conscious (that’s really hard to do).

As I type this a sharp pain is going up my left knee… the one I tore three ligaments in. The right one I just tore the ACL in so it doesn’t give me too much trouble. Anyways, since the left knee injury I have wondered where life would have taken me. Like where would I be? What would I have chosen to do? How would I be different? I based my life on being athletic and didn’t really think too much of what else there was in life, so when things went sour I had no plan. By no means was I that good, and I never thought past the immediate season and whatever sport I was playing. After high school, I made plans to go into law and be rich… Really, thats it. Amazing how shallow I was and to some extent still am.

Ever since then I have been making plans to do this and do that and nothing ever ends up the way I expect it and its not always good. But I am better for it and I have something you only get from taking a lot of shots on the basketball court… and that’s character, thank you Doug T. for that one.


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