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Ending the week on a high note!

First week of school for me, but I had no classes… kinda nice to run around all rogue like. I am actually looking forward to this upcoming year and getting to meet the other half of campus I don’t know.

As far as music goes it’s been an ok week so all I got is The Dream-Put On Remix. He isn’t the most talented, but he hustles hard, keeps it real and has a knack for making hot music, kinda like Jeezy.

The reason I like the Dreams, Jeezy’s, Ludacris’ and people of that ilk is because they work hard and make it because of their hard work. And that work ethic, combined with some luck has brought them to the top to some extent. It seems like every other week I hear somebody dissin Jay-Z from the outside and from within his circles. Some of it is justified and other disses seem to be like hmm stfu. Ive got 4 examples for you of the varying spectrum. You have Game who is dissing Jay just cause. You had Dame Dash and Jay feuding, which apparently is squashed, you have Joe Budden dissing Jay, and then you have Teairra Marie mad at Jay.

The Game is pretty obvious no analysis necessary. Dame dash is interesting because they know each other and built that empire together, but like I said apparently they cool so that’s not an issue because even the best of friends fight. Joe Budden and Teairra Marie are the interesting comparisions. Both “whine” about how they were done by Jay and how he hasn’t reached out and helped them. Because I am a Budden fan I can say that man has been working and put out music that showcases his immense talent. Teairra Marie on the other hand I have no idea. It came totally out of left field. Personally, I dont think she is that good and there are others like her(Peedi Crack, Omillio Sparks, Foxy Brown, etc.) who suck and keep blaming Jay for their lack of success.

I know in my own life I am around a lot of people that “work hard”, but leave very little evidence of what they do. Basically, they complain a lot, run their mouths, and are always “busy” but never have anything done. Not saying I am the model of success and/or getting things done, but I try. So I tend to root for people who’s work can be seen through their efforts, energy and the quality in the result. I will say this till I die, Jeezy is the worst rapper ever, but you have to love him.

Moving on to the DNC which was pretty great….

I enjoyed the full line up of speakers, but I still need to go back and catch Wednesday, with Biden and Billy J. Clinton. Unfortunately, I was at the Kernel copy editing and falling asleep on the couch, so I missed their speeches, which I am sure were great.

Barack made a great speech to bring the convention to a close, and so far the criticisms I have seen from that of the Republicans, the Cornel West types, and Patrick Nally’s is that missed/lacked something. Let me assure you, the acceptance speech for the presidency and the inauguration will be the two best speeches you’ve ever heard. In fact, since I’m like the 4th grade girls on South Park, lets rank Barack’s big speeches to date from 5 to 1 (feel free to disagree):

5. The close of primary speech.

4. The speech on race.

3. The DNC nomination acceptance speech ’08.

2. The ’04 DNC Keynote speech.

1. The inauguration & acceptance speeches.

I had a hard time ranking these because the number 1 speeches haven’t happened, but they will be so great. There will be so much that goes into these speeches I can’t even imagine what that will do for America. I am going to say that this list is very flawed, because there are at least 3 speeches I can think of that belong on this list, but I don’t think they are mainstream familiar speeches.

Finally, if you are reading this, and you are a UK student, pick up the Kernel. I am doing a lot more with the paper hopefully this year and I want to hear people’s critique of the paper. I want i to be the best and the only way for that to happen is to get feedback. And those of you who are not in Lexington, don’t fret… we have a great newly redesigned website at the Kernel webpage.


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