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What a bum

No I’m not talking about my current bumby state (which ends officially tonight at midnight btw) I am talking about the biggest disgrace to every demographic he belongs to, Kwame Kilpatrick.

The now former mayor of Detroit has been brought to justice. This man did wrong, lied about it, invoked false defenses, and looked like an idiot doing it. He officially pleaded guilty and is now on the way to jail and has to pay a lot of money. I hope this teaches he, and people of his ilk a lesson. Here is the story:

It is way too hot in Kentucky. It’s like 90 degrees and I sweat just thinking about taking a step. I’m not sure what it is but I don’t ever remember sweating on days like this during football practice or when I first got to school… maybe I am that old and out of shape.

I finally got a class schedule so I will be officially doing the school thing. Thank you admissions for the quick turnaround! But unfortunately I have a class Tuesday and Thursday at 330 pm—I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to make it.

Sarah Palin’s speech was, well um I guess, typical. She didn’t address real issues, attacked the people who work in the community and discounted the fact that there are savage inequalities in America, especially in the big E’s, economically and educationally. That said, she did what she was supposed to do because the tailored speech ended up fitting her well, the people she is speaking to don’t really take into account facts, and it made her look like a tough talker.

For whatever reason, I just don’t like her. I think a lot of it has to do with how she talks, but then at the same time she looks like she wants to be one of those flashy Beverly Hills housewives, but since she is in Alaska, she doesn’t have all the resources to get like them. It could be that she is being paraded out to try to steal votes by continuing to use the smokescreen of progressivism in the GOP. Maybe it’s her true lack of experience. When people attacked Barry Obama’s lack of experience it was OK, now it’s a double standard to talk about Gov. Palin’s experience.

No, I’ve got it. It is the fact that the second the story about Sarah Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy came out, Barack Obama said the subject was off limits. But last night, apparently somebody up in St. Paul missed that memo and decided to say that it has been his campaign fostering the attacks on her politics relative to her family. But wait. She can say what she wants, because the American people are smarter than that. Right?

Ha. Don’t hold your breath. My mom was telling me about something she heard on NPR where a woman was saying she would not vote for Barack because of what his campaign is doing to attack Sarah Palin’s poor little, premarital sex having daughter. Aside: Now I am not chastising her behavior necessarily, but I do think that its funny that her mother is all for abstinence and her daughter has a baby on the way, with a guy who is a redneck that doesn’t want kids. Interesting. But it’s off limits so I won’t say anything… well just this. Isn’t there a saying that says something like you can’t take care of somebody else’s house if your own ain’t in order. Oh and imagine if the tables were turned and Malia had a baby. Anyways, Whoever was hosting told her that Obama in fact not only had not said anything negative, but told people not to touch the subject. Her response… I’m still not voting for him. I wonder why? He is half-white and really light-skinned. I figured that would score him some points—I guess the 1 drop rule still applies.

(I gave up on finding that source, because there was no text transcript and I don’t have time to listen to hours of audio for one quote… I don’t get paid for this stuff and if I trust anybody its me Ma.)

McCain is up tonight so be on the look out for a reply to that. Tell a friend. Drop a comment, cause that’s the only way I’m gonna get better or worse.


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