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Saturdays and Sundays are gonna suck for a while

I am going to find solace in the fact that “Montlake” Jake Locker will be in Seattle for two more years and Mike Holmgren is retiring… but still it is going to really suck getting thru this football season. I won’t even address October–when basketball starts and I have to start being a fan of a new team.

Hurricane Ike hit Texas and pretty hard it sounds like. There aren’t official damage numbers or death tolls, but I am sure there will be a significant amout of damage and a far higher number of deaths than should be. For whatever reason some people did not heed the warnings and decided they would just chill. Yesterday, I saw footage on CNN of some guys walking with their dog right up where the water was surging over barriers… bleepin’ stupid.

Gas prices rose dramatically, as there are a great deal of the country’s oil refineries are located in Texas. Gas has risen 6 cents nationally, I think about 20 cents in Kentucky and certain areas in Texas don’t have gas at all. I wouldn’t be surprised if gas stays a few cents higher after all of this is resolved. That’s what they do.

I would say this is further proof that we need to find something else to do besides drill for oil and build pipelines. The fact that we are having exponential increases in price of gas because of a seasonal natural disaster is even more proof. A pipeline from Alaska and offshore drilling aren’t solving this problem either. You cant completely get rid of oil dependency, but you can definitely become less dependent.

For those who are not as cynical as I am, here’s a little story about the U.S. Interior Department in relation to oil companies.
It is pretty lengthy, but definitely worth the read. We have so many problems in this country that need exposure… this is a really big step.

Since I took the semester off in Fall ’05 I have been more up on what goes on in national news. From that point I have heard quarter after quarter of record profits by the oil companies as prices rose and rose. This article alleges that there were improper benefits, not collecting federal royalties, drug usage, sexual impropriety, and many other ethical practices and actions. This is just plain sickening considering the American people are feeling the brunt of said decisions… and those making the decisions and enforcing rules can’t keep their pants on, their noses clean or their minds right.

Back to sports, I didn’t think Ty Willingham was on the hot seat going into the season, but considering the field goal attempt before the half with 1 second on the clock, I think he just put himself in that seat. You’re down 34 and you need to score points, you gotta go for the TD. The kicker missed the field goal, so it’s easy to criticize the decision, but if you’re down at that point, you go big or go home.

I feel really bad for this Husky team because the schedule has been tough, facing three top 25 teams in the first three games of the year. Not only that, but the team isn’t getting any breaks going back to last year. I keep waiting for them to turn the corner and get back to that prominence that I grew up accustomed to, but it just isn’t working. Last year they lost a lot of close games to a lot of good teams and many fans figured this year things would yield a few more wins, but it hasn’t worked out that way.

It will go a long way when they get their act together and gain that confidence and swagger that you see from winning teams, but until then Jake Locker & Co. are really struggling with being a young, inexperienced, not good team. Jake Locker is capable of turning in a Herculean effort that will inspire his team to glory and I feel that effort coming very soon. The team WILL be galvanized by these experiences, mark my words!

I still have hope for the Huskies, like I do the country which is in the midst of being dealt a lot of bad breaks, especially politically. If more of the injustices and misdealings are exposed the United States can turn it around. Go Huskies! And Go USA! After November 4th you’ll get your leader that will deliver the Herculean effort.


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