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Just a little post :)

Life is pretty cool right now. I am still catching up from missing the first week or so, and on top of that carrying on regular life. I get to play watchdog today and our edit board is grilling UK’s president Lee T. Todd today. I think I’m going to take it easy… Ha. Anyways, it’s Tuesday which makes me think of music. So here you go:

First, Kanye has a new version of Love Lockdown! It has been mastered and is now on point.

Next up, ATM(Cory Gunz, Smoke DZA, Numbers) ft. Mickey Factz – Swagger Like Us . Mickey Factz, Cory Gunz and two random dudes rap over the Swagger Like Us beat and its a decent effort. Now I normally don’t do in depth commenting but here’s what I got. Mickey Factz is quickly becoming one of my favorite people to listen to, simply cause he gets it. He isn’t on Wikipedia, most people don’t know who he is… and when he gets on a track he definitely let’s you know he is above and beyond what you normally hear. The second guy used the auto-tune and I didn’t even mind it. Actually his verse was pretty hot, but I can’t say that he gets it ’cause I have no idea who he is just like the last guy on the track. Cory Gunz did a good job of showing why the vocoder needs to be destroyed and why the auto-tune only should be used by no one.

Rick Ross also jumped on Swagger Like Us. I guess its the new A Millie. Ricky Ross the rent-a-cop really did a nice job on this track, better than most can. Still, I am hoping that Fabolous destroys that track here soon, but even more so that when Joe Budden releases his next mixtape (where he will finally go back to jackin’ beats) he will get on beats like this and show people how much better he is than 99% of the game.

Speaking of Tuesday, Royce 5’9 has a new mixtape. Royce’s intro on his first album was called It’s Tuesday and that track/album was sick. His new mixtape, “The Bar Exam 2”, just popped out and I will stake my rep on its hotness.

Below is the Cool Kids new video Delivery Man. Last year they did that song Black Mags, and they definitely have a good sound.

Cool Kids Delivery Man

Jadakiss is about to drop a new album… so he can call himself top 5 dead or a live off three LP’s. The first single is called By My Side and it features my least favorite Neyo.

Finally, I will link you to the best mixtape of the year There is No Competition by Fabolous. If only he was consistent and spit as hard as he does on mixtapes when he makes albums 😦

Just because this was all music I may post another one today, if not….


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  1. Willie
    09/17/2008 at 6:02 am

    The Cool kids, hot shit, always.

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