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An apology of sorts….identity politics style

I left up the last post for so long because it was about music, I put some time into finding music that was both of quality and able for download without screwing the artist, and well–I just was plain busy. One day I am going to break down my schedule (which sucks because of the amount of time spent on other people’s agendas… I don’t mind working but I have to work on other people’s time… and some people have a ton of time dedicated to wasting in meetings, a luxury I don’t have) but not yet. I have been sitting on this post for a few days and have collected a bunch of stuff including 60 Minutes with Barack and McCain. It is rare that both candidates have been in the same forum for discussion without a clear bias. Enjoy!

I owe the loyal readers and apology for two reasons. One is because I didn’t make the three post mark and two because this next post will be mostly political and even if you’re not into that sort of thing it is time to really buckle down and get educated (you too Morgan)!

Anyways, below is a video taken from a Barack speech in Florida:

“Blacks against Obama” is their name and defamation is their game. I am really not one to say black people should do this or that… so I won’t say that blackness mandates a vote for Barack Hussein. I will say it requires an even greater sense of respect to the process of Obama’s candidacy. Up until this campaign, a black man was a joke, a foregone conclusion of a loss, or a PR stunt. Now it’s real and we want to hate…c’mon. Even if you don’t agree with Barack don’t go that route. That type of behavior is and disrespectful to anyone, but because of the struggle blacks have gone through in America it shouldn’t even be a thought to do something like that to another black man.

On a positive note, here is a story of “Rednecks for Obama“, by The One of the allhiphop.com staff. I must say I am glad to see this type of support because it shows how far we have come in some areas, also showing that identity politics are not as powerful as they have once been, and unlike the aforementioned Blacks Against Obama its a good thing.

In more identity politics a 2005 “documentary” with the following disclaimer has been curiously re-released:

‘In the beginning of our film, we say `most Muslims are peaceful.’ We are only speaking about a minority that is estimated to be 10 to 15 percent of Muslims,” said spokesman Gregory Ross. “We feel there is no greater threat to America right now than radical Islam.”

the movie allegedly catalogs radical Islam’s hell-bent war on the West. I will not say any more than that I hope this doesn’t catch any steam in any avenue of American life, because it is fear-mongering garbage that deserves the worst kind of censorship. What an amazing double-standard by the way… free speech is bad when things are said anti-America, but when they are anti-reason, diversity, understanding, etc its quite ok. Sheesh!

Another interesting development is this huge financial crisis hitting the American market. Something like $700 billion dollars of taxpayer money is gonna be used to fix this problem in the in the banking, stock and other financial outlet’s realm. This problem is caused by rich people but the implications of this spread all the way down to poor people… or at least that’s what they are telling us. Private pensions (hmmm what about that privatization of social security), value of currency, home mortgages, etc are at risk here but 25% of my check is going to fix this problem.

I heard a great quote Friday on the CNN Situation room from the Cafferty file where one viewer asked “why is it that we socialize losses and privatize profits?” As much as I believe we need to bail out the industry during this crisis I get the point of what the guy was saying. Free market capitalism is bad because the profits never trickle down and when they do it does exactly what it is supposed to… trickle. I say that because whenever anything of that nature is addressed the term trickle down is used when clearly the words we should use need to be flow, spread, rain, flood etc… but as it stands now rich get richer and the poor get poorer. To say this as “real” as possible, “the rich man needs to come up off that money!”

Salute (Oh! Disclaimer: I don’t dislike rich people, and if you are offended just remember you probably aren’t rich. Rich means you have enough money to not care about stuff that Wesley writes.)

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    09/30/2008 at 7:46 am

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