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The blog didn’t die…it just took a break :)

I have been super busy trying not to be a bum and I have neglected the people…. well the on-line people who actually care what I have to say. I’ve been wasting time with real publications and trying to further my career, you know that stupid stuff that’s gonna get you nowhere. But at least I didn’t have fun doing it.

I have been taking some time to be extra emo and think about things lately. For starters, Ramadan has ended and although I have 5 days to make up I had a great experience. It was one of those once in a lifetime experiences that really shape the way one moves. What I mean by that is my perspective which I have always felt was unique has shifted to be even more extraordinary. But it definitely is one of those things that will further direct me down my path.

One example of the last two weeks that I keep referencing was meeting this guy at the plasma donation center. He made a comment about how cold it was in the room and from there we struck up a conversation. Aside: I have the most random conversations with people and meet the most interesting people. From each one of these experiences I walk a way with a piece of each individual that I will never forget, and will always respect. As the conversation progressed we talked about the type of people that give plasma and the stereotypes behind it, then we moved to jobs. He mentioned he was a felon, but was rehabilitating his life which has been going down the wrong path for quite some time. He went on describing his life experiences and I tried to listen as best I could without interrupting his story and preaching (something I tend to do a lot). He kept referencing his felony and his fear of getting caught back up in the system, and being me (always practicing journalism) I had to ask him what he did.

Come to find out this guy had stabbed somebody in the head… Now I know what you’re thinking, well geez that guy deserved what happened to him. Maybe I am overly sympathetic, but I think there’s a lot more going on than stabbing somebody. First off the cab driver that he stabbed went after him with a taser and had cocaine in his system, but still the guy I was talking to felt like he had to carry around a knife to feel safe. That’s not something you get after growing up a little–it comes from a lifestyle and experiences that say things are not safe and you always have to watch out. It comes from having broken homes and living in poor neighborhoods. It comes from not having productive things to do after school and generally poor education for students who seem unmotivated by unmotivated teachers. Basically, it is more than what you see and what you think.

We continue to talk and I can empathize with the guy. He has made mistakes and is in danger of losing his freedom. Because he has come from a life of disadvantage, when he makes a mistake he feels the full effect of the repercussions, whereas someone with a little privilege can avoid some parts of the repercussions or avoid it altogether. And in avoiding those repercussions they don’t get caught up in a system that hardly rehabilitates criminals who have been released.

Again, I may be overly sympathetic or just naive, but I feel like there has to be a change in the way things are done to really make society better. It is really funny that in the same week I give plasma and meet this individual I sit in on an interview as a part of the Kernel Edit Board with the president of my university who rarely has contact with people going through these types of issues.

Maybe President Todd can help society increase retention of the disadvantaged in America like he with minorities at UK.

Welcome back ME!


  1. 10/08/2008 at 11:28 am

    Maybe pres Todd can, but the question is does he really want to? Perhaps u kno him better than I…lol and wow I had no clue you were a muslim! So is my dad…never judge a book, I guess..

  2. wrob4343
    10/09/2008 at 4:43 am

    Lol good question. I would say he is more concerned about us at UK though. And no…. I am not Muslim, I guess you missed the column lol.

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