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One of them random posts

I like randomness so I’m going to let you peer into the random stuff I have been thinking about lately:

Small Jeans are an epidemic. I ordered a pair of Ecko jeans off their website cause they were $29.99, plus you can never have too many pairs of jeans… actually you can never have too many shirts, pairs of shoes, or hats. Anyways, these jeans were advertised as “baggy”, but were far from it. In fact, I have “slim” jeans that fit about the same… not really happy about that purchase.

I did find some $39.99 Dunks that match nothing, yet I’m happy ‘cause I got new shoes!

I saw that new Russell Crowe/Leonardo DiCaprio joint Body of Lies… pretty good movie besides all of the white people with dark tans playing Middle Easterners. The acting was executed well, the action wasn’t over the top or extremely fantastic, and the plot twists weren’t poorly executed or just plain stupid like in Heroes.

Aside: Essentially nobody has died as of the episode four of the second season. Only the bumby periphery characters that nobody cares about have remained dead. This weeks episode will introduce the father of Peter, Nathan and now (in a really, really, really, really lame plot twist) Sylar’s father–a man believed to be dead and has never actually been seen. Seriously, this show has gotten really, really bad. But it’s a problem with the entertainment industry in America. In relation to TV, Japanese anime can be easy comparison as most of the TV series’ have a formulaic structure and are written with a definite end game. The one anime that I can think of for breaking that mold, due to extreme popularity, was the Dragonball franchise,. Dragonball was lame, and for Dragonball Z was great up until the ending of the Frieza saga when Dragonball Z and later GT were bastardized for money. It is the root of all evil and Dragonball and Heroes have been ruined for the sake of popularity and the dollar. Still, just like with Dragonball continuities I will still watch Heroes simply because I have invested so much into it.

Back to the main thought… Body of Lies was hot and well worth the time/money.

Anyone anything about anything knows the previews are an essential part of the whole movie going experience. Well the ones that preceded BOL were far from promising. Every preview looked like a remake or straight jackin’ of a movie that has already been made. Gosh, I wish I remembered specifics, but I tried to block out that terrible crock of garbage. That display of terribleness is almost as bad as CBS ripping of USA’s show Psych. In a new show called The Mentalist, a detective uses enhanced deduction and inference to solve cases. The only real difference is one plays himself off as a psychic and is funny and the other is just mentally superior and serious. Lame.

Oh more randomness… I took the biggest L Friday in between my 10 and 11 o’clock classes. There was no “Caution Wet Floor” (Piso Mojado for the Spanish speakers), and I completely wiped out. One of them Home Alone, straight horizontal falls. I lost—badly. Luckily nobody saw it… but it was so funny I had to tell somebody, and why not share it with you beautiful people!

I have found two new random websites. Margaret and Helen are two old ladies who are extremely politically incorrect, but say the things that most people believe. I also stumbled upon Stumble Upon. How it works is the site asks a few questions about what you are interested in and then provides you with random websites you would never find without having this toolbar service. You can use it when you like and its pretty fun. I like it and you should too! (FYI: Both are hyperlinked and in the “Link” Category in the sidebar).

Finally, here’s a yahoo article that discusses what happens when we die. I won’t explain ‘cause I want to keep it under 600 words…676. No more damn asides!


  1. Karen
    10/13/2008 at 7:23 am

    This is so coincidental, its funny. I have venture in finding wide leg jeans which are nowhere to be found these days. Im not a big fan of the skinny jeans, although I do own a pair lol. Also, been thinking about watching the new Leonardo DiCaprio movie because Im a fan his movies are always pretty good, but I wasn’t too sure about the plot on this one. And last but not least I stumble upon the stumble link just a couple of days ago…. well, not so much stumble but my friend told me. It comes in handy at work on days like today.

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