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Music post with tons of content… go to the end for special prize!

Before I give you all some music I would like to provide a little explanation for the change from blogger to wordpress. I really like blogger, but on the suggestion of Gabriel, who talks about everything, I started thinking about the switch about four months ago. I wasn’t totally sold on the idea so I didn’t switch immediately.

The turning point was when Gabriel gave me the small detail that wordpress keeps track of site hits… I really need that feature in order to stroke my ego be able to prove my blog’s effectiveness, so I switched. Since the change, I have learned that WordPress is like a PC and blogger is like a Mac.

It is easier to to make blogger functional and visually complaint to your colorific tastes, but at the end of the day its lacking. WordPress is a lot harder to understand and manipulate, but once you get it down, and maybe have a little money, it can be like a professional website (see USS Mariner, GreenKY and even the Kentucky Kernel). All that said, I may not post as much until I really figure out how to properly use this setup… but I’ll try my best to be useful.

Music Time!

T-Pain made a video to Chopped N Skrewed all for our enjoyment. This video is hot! Very hot! I like the creativity behind it for sure. (Note You have click link to get to the video.)

Reggie Noble bka Redman is a straight fool, and does some of the dumbest ish possible. Still, is my favorite artist ever and a hip hop legend. I don’t condone Red’s activity, but it’s entertaining and honestly I like people who are what they are. No need to fake it and you don’t gotta lie to kick it. Red along with Method Man have found their niche as the rap Cheech and Chong, and allegedly will be back on the scene soon! (I’ll believe it when I see it.) Here’s this crazy dude doing what he does…

I get happy whenever I see a new Budden song, if even if it’s a feature or artist laden track wackly done. Here’s one with Joey ft. Royce Da 5’9, Crooked I, Joell Ortiz & Nino Bless Slaughterhouse. It’s one of them topicless mixtape tracks that I love for the random street references, punchlines and quotables.

If you follow the blog, last week I did a post featuring Justice’s D.A.N.C.E. video. Well Wale, one of my new favorite rappers, laid down a track over the Justice beat called Wale-D.A.N.C.E. (props to Young Spanky). He also did the original rap on the M.I.A. track Boyz this year and freestyled over that same beat after Jay-Z suggested that Wale should rap over it. Because Jay made the suggestion on an elevator the original track was called The Elevator S. Carter Exclusive, which came out last year before people really knew about M.I.A. (Yes, M.I.A. is not new… we get it Wesley. Stop trying to make us look stupid for not being on her when she first hit but bandwaggoning now because we are losers LOL.)

Wale has tons of skills and really hurts (in a good way) the underground scene, still I wonder if he can make a good album. It’s one thing to spit hot bars and kill mixtapes, but building an album is an art that very few emcees can do… so Kanye and Jeezy get thumbs up for album making skills while the likes of Wayne, Plies and any of these “hot” rappers get four thumbs down. (BTW I have the same concerns for Mickey Factz and Charles Hamilton about making albums.)

One of the great producers of all time, J Dilla died a couple of years ago, but his legacy lives on through the artists he affected. Skyzoo dropped a track Only One Can Win (Produced by J Dilla), over Dilla’s Two Can Win of the instrumental album Donuts. Speaking of Dilla Lightworking is another crazy insane beat off that album spit over by Talib Kweli and Q-Tip last year.

Charles Hamilton has a new mixtape, from his series of mixtapes, called “It’s Charles Hamilton.”

There is a DJ Green Lantern, Russell Simmons, and Barack Obama Mixtape worth checking out/downloading….

Lastly, Jay says get out and vote… that’s much more important than Diddy talking! No one on the corner got swagger like Jay… short smart and not profane. I need to learn how to do that…not too many words thing. I’m mad cause youtube killed the Jay-Z public service announcement (not the song) so here’s a look at the happier times of the Obama campaign:


  1. 10/15/2008 at 9:52 am

    Perhaps when I get enough nerve I’ll look around or shop around for a nother place to blog…in the meanwhile, I love yours! but I couldnt see the 1st video…guess ill have to go to youtube….wonder why Jay-z cancelled his second free election concert though, alot of people were really dissapointed. U ready for the next Debate?

  2. 10/17/2008 at 1:55 pm

    oh well i switched the video but you already knew that. Jay was allegedly sick and that debate was God awful. I wanted to shoot myself again

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