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What’s in a name?

My full name is Wesley James Robinson I. Why the first at the end? (I don’t have any kids just in case you’re wondering.) Inexplicably, my mother bestowed me with the first. To me there are two distinct possibilities for being named in such a manner. Either I am extremely unique and am the first and only of my kind… or she had amazing foresight. She had to know I was going to struggle with dating and relationships. She also must have known that because I was raised to not waste and to be particularly practical, I would feel morally obligated to pass on that name. Alas, I will have to find a mate and reproduce until I have at least one son to make the second… Wesley James Robinson II has a nice ring to it, but is it worth the effort? I guess. LOL

On to Politics:

Apparently John McCain is taking the high road in regards to Barack Obama and people’s fears of the great possibility of his presidency. In the video below he makes an honest attempt to debunk myths about Barack Hussein Obama.

He has tried to educate his people before, but not in the way he did at this particular moment. I am proud of Senator McCain. I doubt the lady I used to work with that I mentioned the other day saw this video. But still, it’s good to see McCain being rational.

If you ask me this is McCain’s best ad yet and really represents what his constituency wants to hear:

That’s what they really want to say. LOL

A little while back this little boy got suspended for wearing an anti-Obama t-shirt. This video is hilarious ’cause the boy doesn’t know what he’s talking about… just like his daddy… panzies LOL. Leave it to Fox news to find a story like this….

Sean Hannity “the good guy” said he would email him the shirts and the bumper stickers because “the principal can’t stop him”. Email? WOW

In some actual election news CNN did a story that alleged an organization the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) is using tactics like registering dead people among other forms of voter fraud to get people to vote. This article and video explains how the Obama campaign paid to have ACORN help with voter registration during the primaries, which is why he is catching the heat and not McCain. Someone registered Jimmy John’s which looks like a pretty obvious prank and I am sure that wasn’t the only one. I think its interesting that the numbers for which party the votes represented was not mentioned. Was it a conscious choice or a curious omission? Regardless this is lame because it doesn’t count as actual fraud until those dead people and restaurants actually go to vote. Brad Friedman of the the Guardian, a British news entity, takes issue with this report in an article The Republican Voter Hoax Fraud. Friedman talks about how the registration thingy is false and how we are have, and probably will, continue to have our voting rights infringed upon.

Finally, here are a couple of videos showcasing the Republican base:

That one blonde lady wouldn’t let it go. As we say on the message boards… U mad?

LOL at “Sidewalk to Nowhere”

Admittedly there’s probably a lot of editing that goes into those videos–but the fact that this much was said, and with such fervent hate, represents the problems in America. If Barack were change all of his stances and policies to the most conservative values, would it be different to those nutsos? If his name weren’t Barack Hussein Obama II would his associations make him a terrorist or an A-Rab (Arab for not hicks). I dont think so, but it doesn’t matter to me… I’m voting for him because he is black. LOL


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