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Stop the fight… it’s getting ugly

Last night was the final debate of the 2008 election season. I am glad it’s almost over because all of this volunteering and super political season is beating me up badly… kinda like how John McCain has been getting knocked around by Barack Hussein Obama and his many supporters. It’s amazing what a little hope, great organization, and 8 years of George Bush will do to a country.

I will admit that when people started saying he should Barack should be the next Democratic Party Nominee back in ’04 after his charismatic arrival at the Democratic National Convention, I was more than slightly skeptical. This was in my “I want to be a political science major so that I can go to law school days” (I still may go to law school, but for darn sure not with an undergrad degree in poly sci), and I had no idea who he was (which can be interpreted many different ways) and he was black. I figured blackness wouldn’t be checked in the asset box. LOL

Clearly I was wrong, and I have only once been happier that I was wrong ;). By no means is this race over… but it’s over. And not like the Yankees being up 3-0 on Boston in the ALCS in the same year as Barack’s keynote speech, or the Patriots being the best team in football wire to wire and then not winning the Superbowl. No, this is like the ’95-’96, 72-10 Chicago Bulls that dominated all challengers. Coincidentally, Barack hails from Chicago…

Fivethirtyeight.com, the best election projection site I have ever seen, has a couple of good write-ups about the debate. Instead of stealing the ideas from their website and using them as my own unique intellectual property, I am going to do the righ thing here for once.

The first info touches on the CNN afterparty. I always find these funny because none of the commentators actually speak the truth on who won the debate, they generally just posture for their party. Leslie Sanchez and Alex Castellanos, the token Latino Republicans (j/k), in particular are the biggest perpetrators of the slanting. They are incapable of saying McCain sucks and are really trying to save the badly scarred face of the Republican Party.

However, nestled in all the spin Castellanos did make a good point, with which I fundamentally agree. He said that we will have at least four and maybe eight year Democratic reign, a fate that is grave for our nation because when one party has all of the power they abuse it, plain and simple. It is human nature. He even referenced the Republican’s recent rule as evidence.

The Democrats are close to possibly gaining filibuster proof majority in the senate, basically meaning everything they want done gets done with a Democratic executive in Barack Obama holding veto power. I identify as Democrat but thats still too much power for one group of people…

The other 538 post of interest touches on where John McCain lost the debate. Really, he lost the debate by showing up… but that’s just my opinion.

515 words… not bad.


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