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A day late. Several dollars short….

I really apologize. I intended to do the music thing yesterday for the 12 people who read, and the 2 that comment–but I got tired. I guess I suck.  Anyways, I’m gonna make it brief and not bore you with my words!

Random Sidenote: Im watching the World Series (Go Devil Rays) and Joe Maddon, manager of the Tampa Devil Rays just had a nice profanity laced eruption about bull defecation. And then a little later somebody dropped a G-D… and that’s not just how Gabriel says GOD. Gotta love boom mics.

I got the latest T.I. finally (very late) like I did with the Jeezy album. Difference is, I cannot stand “Paper Trail” and to me T.I. is so wack, lame garbage, weak, whatever. For those of you who are not up on T.I. you may say “hey, I like it, he’s sick.” For whatever reason I was lucky enough to have “I’m Serious”, T.I.P.’s first album. I don’t think dropping that last letter has made him worse, but he sure just doesn’t have it anymore. Don’t believe me? Go back and listen to “I’m Serious”. No where near a classic mind you, but it shows promise for a hungry, up and coming emcee. I guess he just got too fat too quick…. I also got Killer Mike’s latest CD, however I haven’t really got to listen to it yet. I’ll save talking about that one for next week. Maybe I shouldn’t buy albums:

Black Milk has a new track featuring my dude Royce 5’9, Losing Out, I must say I sleep on Black Milk… not sure why, but I do, and I know it. This song is pretty hot though. The beat is nice, the lyrics are nice and of course Royce is on it (for those of you who don’t know I think Royce is extremely underrated… not Joe Budden underrated, but up there in underratedness). And in another random track I found, VStylez ft. Royce da 5′9 & Kid Vishis – Kung Fu Theater (Game of Death), Royce does what he does… which is spit hot fire.

Kanye is about to really, really hurt the world with his new album “808’s and Heartbreak”. He already did Love Lockdown, which is an extremely hot track (no live links available, actually there probably are some but I don’t feel like looking). He does have a new one called Heartbreak, get it before the link is dead! He has another track called Coldest Winter, but its only a radio rip, and again the link is dead… I guess I could upload it to something or other… nah too much work. But if you can find it do so. Surprisingly, I am anxious to see what Kanye brings on this next project.

Fellow Chicagoan Lupe Fiasco has released another unreleased track called Accept the Troubles. I swear, Lupe has more material than anybody out right now… save Wayne. Yeah, ahem like I said Lupe has more material than anybody out.  In more hip hop here’s another trackfrom Evidence ft. Phonte, will.i.am & Blu – For Whom The Bell Tolls. I don’t know who Evidence is, but he is ok on the track. Im not a fan of that will guy, but Phonte is on it. So I guess its cool. Oh yeah, there’s a guy named Blu.

In more offensive music, Busta Rhymes has recently released a track called Arab Money.  I just listened to the track today, but its been out for quite some time. Between when it came out an now, I have discussed it with several friends of Arab/Muslim persuasions and I don’t think they think its ok. Al-Jazeera also didn’t think it was ok, and the video was a topic of discussion on the network. Admittedly, I didn’t watch the Al-Jazeera video, but I’m sure the network isn’t praising for positive depiction of Arabs and exemplary cross cultural relations.

In more positive cross cultural relations, The Cool Kids freestyled with Asher Roth.

Finally to balance out all that here is a video a guy I work with made:

Its got Nickelback and Barack! Which meets my non-hip hop, non-black people/urban music requirement and mixes in politics. Damned affirmative action!


  1. 10/24/2008 at 3:16 am

    oh my god you blaspheme! how can you speak about paper trail like that? I LOVE that ish! now, i mustve slept woke up and slept again on black milk, cuz b4 u i hadnt heard of them….and on the flip side, I just cant gel w/ jeezy. I just cant. He osunds like noise to me…And soon as i get back to my laptop im hittin up these videos, cuz i cant watch em at work….

  2. 10/29/2008 at 6:43 am

    i agree with bae… bruh paper trail is dope. and how do you not know about EVIDENCE? he is a 3rd of Dilated Peoples, and he is dope. search his first album you should like it. and when you say hurt the world is that a good or bad thing? i’m not totally sold on the new sound yet. and i have apprehension. and will .i.am is a beast too.

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