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Weekend disappearance

I took a break this past weekend to go home, visit family, and get away from the busy life of Lexington, KY (home=Louisville, HOME=Washington… the place I never get to go). Just to give a little background, my mom is a liberal Quaker, and we have no cable or internet in 2008. Other than spending money I don’t have, going to church and pulling up carpet, I really didn’t do much–it was like going out to the country to relax or something. So for all you people from Luhvul, your town isn’t that good. LOL

I plan on hitting the ground running and getting back to the things I like to do, meaning you may see me running down the street in the bitter winter, risking more knee surgeries on the courts, and blogging. I tend to make these kinds of promises, but I never actually keep them, but if I keep trying, I may get it right one day.

So here’s a few random things burning on my mind:

The word blog is really ugly, uglier than chartreuse or the way bologna is spelled. I would say more people would participate in amateur internet publishing if the word were better… how from “web log” could you not come up with a better term? Seriously.

I am going to stop saying I don’t like things, and you’ll see why in tomorrow’s music post. Half the artists I have claimed to hate and literally could not stand, but as a critic appreciative of good music, I have to like what they do. Ryan Leslie is the best example of this. I really wasn’t feeling his sound when I first heard his music, but over the past 6 months or so he has really gotten hot. Unlike most of the garbage running around, Mr. Leslie is really talented and actually has substance. It is quite refreshing to have a real artist… kinda like Jeezy is to rap. I wish I would have liked him from the jump.

The 2008 World Series has been entertaining, but it hasn’t had that suspense that the World Series should have. The last time I remember a good world series was with the Braves and the Blue Jays and the Joe Carter home run to win the series. For whatever reason, baseball lacks that hotly contested culmination to end the season. Actually, most pro sports final games/series rarely ever live up to the hype… oh well.

Upcoming content will be an NBA preview. I not quite sure how in depth it will be, but if I get going… well you know. The post I have been sitting on about the big bailout plan will also finally see the light of day. I’m gonna do like my boy Gabriel aka Tarrman and do some topical posts. Of course tomorrow I am going to hit you with the sweet tunes to make you move, as I do every (most… ok some) Tuesdays. Also, I’ll find some last minute political things to read and consider, both real and of the SNL variety. Finally, I’m going to start posting my columns on here to make sure people read them, and also to get more content. Be ready for at least 5 posts per week. I may not get them done day by day, but you WILL get 5 posts… wait didn’t I say I wasn’t gonna make promises? Dangit blogging is going to make me fail school.


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