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UK be at again…

So if you aren’t one of my real friends then you may not know that I go to the University of Kentucky. Today, UK had ANOTHER major incident that made national news… third time in a year. Here’s the story written by the Kernel News Editor Jill Laster.

I am extremely tired, worn and beaten. I was looking forward to a calm day–Class, work, chill a little, look at some girls, pretend to do some homework, get this NBA preview out of the way before someone has a season ending injury that affects the way a prediction goes, and then the AKA/NPHC Breast Cancer Vigil. But at the beginning of my last class, my day was interrupted.

This guy said that he had heard there was an Obama dummy hanging from a noose near the Chemistry/Physics Building. I was not shocked and if you are a long time reader you’ll know that this summer I had someone yell “oogie boogie nigger” as I walked the remaining 25 steps from the bus to my house. This is nothing new, but it is more painful this time because as bad as it is, it is blatantly racist and there are people who still think it has nothing to do with racism. The “madness in the tree”, as James D. Davidson so eloquently put it, was to some students a political statement that dealt with the lack of desire to elect Barack Obama as president. Pardon this language, but that’s muthafuckinbullshit.

We live in a society that does not deal with reality. When people get fat, we blame the food and not the people. When people kill, we blame the individual and not look at the faults in society that cause the spirit to murder. And when racism occurs, people don’t want to deal with it so they enlist every other non-sequitir issue to take the focus off race.

To my delight UK stood up against the racism, denounced the action and preached tolerance. An applaudable first step. No lie. I nearly teared up when I read the statement and I was proud that my administration jumped on the ball and responded without being prodded to do so. The thing is, there’s more to go. We have to be accepting and not just tolerant and dealing with people, because somebody told you to.

After November 4th, some people will feel like we have arrived. We have come so far, but we have much further to go. This Obama effigy is evidence of the problem. I don’t to be one of those people that hang on to the past, so I won’t. but this has to stop.

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