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What happens when you mix politics and….

They caught the bums who left the Barack effigy here at UK. The early word is they did it in retaliation to the Sarah Palin effigy in California. I will get into more specifics as to why this is bad in Wednesday’s column, the day after the greatest day in Black America. Analysis that just scratches the surface says that the idiots who created the Sarah Palin effigy did it at their house, conducted interviews and explained there poorly conceived logic. These guys left their conceptualization of what was going on for people to come across in an act of cowardice in a public place. Besides, they broke in to a frat house to get the materials to make the effigy and knew they were wrong because they didn’t stand to defend their views.

On to more positive stuff. This is a politically based post, but it is not just serious politics. Watch all the videos to see what I mean!

Leading off we have BarackTV… that “infomercial” that had 33.5 million viewers, which according to Yahoo! dominated the World Series. One day I want to be like Barack Hussein Obama and have tons of money to spend on branding my message… will that work for a sportswriter?

This next one is Barack at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner a couple of weeks ago. McCain was there too, but he was no where near as funny. Barack was absolutely hilarious and whoever wrote his jokes has a great sense of humor. You know its funny when people are laughing and then they stop because the jokes cut so deep. At about 7:24 you’ll see what I am talking about. Barack rips everybody including himself, his running mate, Fox News, and his opponents, but in the end he is a good sport and salutes Senator John McCain for being a great American.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

T.I. is one of the hottest artists right now, and while I am not a huge fan of “Paper Trail”, I am a fan of this message he has for Americans:

One of my SUCCESS (the best UK organization you’ve never heard about), buddies Emily Brantley aka Embrant, shared this video with me yesterday. I hope all of you are old enough to remember the Budweiser campaign these guys are from.

In another bit of reminiscent advertisements Terry Tate, from one of Reebok’s five successful ad campaigns (two of which were Allen Iverson related), made a return just for the election. If you don’t remember the original campaign you may not get why this is funny… oh well.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This post actually got a little lengthy so I am gonna save the SNL stuff for later today/tomorrow I guess. This NBA preview is a running joke now I think. Mr Reese said I have to do it before a week of the NBA season passes by otherwise it will be cheating. I guess that means I’d better get on it.


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