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Last minute election fun

Before I get to this election stuff, let me say this about the Pistons. They have AI and now I want to see them win. Allen Iverson is probably the most hated, with little reason. But as far as the balance of power goes, both teams are better and will make their respective conferences’ playoff outlook different. The Nuggets get more D from Billups and the center they brought over. I have read that McDyess will be bought out and let go, as pretty much this move was for salary reasons (AI will be a free agent after this year). Melo more shots (could be good or bad) and the Pistons get some scoring and an explosive PG. I think I’m happy for AI, but I don’t think he is a championship contender. We will see though. Maybe Reebok will have good shoes for him again with the red, white and blue color scheme…

On to the fun. Barack was on the daily show and he and Jon Stewart were a riot for sure, someone should teach the Republicans why intelligence and charisma go a lot further than misplaced fervor and nothing but negative attacks.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It’s nice to have a funny presidential candidate… even though he may not know if he should vote for himself or not. I’m just glad white people missed the memo on the Bradley Effect.

Interestingly enough those negative tactics that the Republicans employ are the same type politics Brandon Perkins  of the Huffington Post feels 50 Cent uses to sell records. Notice he started off hot and has really cooled down. HIs sales are still astronomical, but if you go 10X platinum and then barely make two, then something isn’t working. That had very little to do with anything, but hey I thought somebody might like to see that… and I think it’s funny too.

I think I have said this already, but Saturday Night Live is gonna be hurting when this election is over. I have tried to watch the last few weeks and nothing but the political stuff was funny. I do love Keenan’s “fix it” campaign in regards to the poor economy. The next few videos are a few of my favorites of what will probably be the last time I watch SNL till 2012.

So President Bush came out and endorsed the McCain/Palin ticket. Look at how that went over:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Thank God for the first dude bringing in McCain for the endorsement LOL.

Then there was that crazy lady who thinks Barack Obama is an Arab:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Sarah Palin was on SNL to rap, but she didn’t, so that pregnant newscaster took charge and dropped some hot bars.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

They shootin’!

The polls are getting closer as election day nears, and McCain is starting to pull out all stops to make this election his.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

LMAO @ Double Maverick

And finally, the Republican ticket hit up QVC to peddle some merchandise and get their name out there. Oh and apparently Palin is getting ready to run for president herself… after McCain wins office.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Really, that’s not an SNL joke–she at least expects the next four years. Here is what the real Sarah Palin had to say about matters: “a little advice for Tina: We wanted to make sure she’s holding onto that Sarah outfit because she’s going to need it for the next four years.”

That’s cute. She has hope too.


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