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Find out for yourself

I was walking in the door after work on Friday and I had lot on my mind. I literally think 70 times more than most people, no joke, so this was not unusual. Anyways, somewhere in the jambalaya of thoughts i stumbled across a particular situation i had with a friend a while ago.

Back in the day I myspaced a lot and when i first got on it I think I was more addicted to that than facebook. I could find more people (because you didn’t have to be in college to have myspace like you did with facebook) plus it was new to me so it was cool. Summer of 2006 I had a job that allowed me to sit on the computer all day, time I mostly used that time to myspace, facebook and aim all day.

Myspace  was nice, because of the random cute girls that would add you and try to get to know you via the internet (by the way this is long before it became the nasty debaucherous social network it is now) and I was lucky enough to find the ones that could hold a conversation. As a result of this, I had a ton of myspace friends that were just really nice cool girls. It gave me hope that by getting the f out of Kentucky–not to meet these girls, that’s strange– I may have the opportunity to find a laid back open minded girl that gets life AND is attractive.

So during my heavy myspacing, I had friended this girl from somewhere or other and we had really good conversations. To my recollection it was nothing more than general get to know you stuff, but I could be wrong. Well, long story short that conversation turned out to be coming from a friend of mine. She was doing some kind of project and created a fake profile of some girl. The thing is I didn’t know this till she told me what was going on way down the line after a ton of messages and time talking to this fake girl.

First off, what the hell kind of mess is that, assigning an project where somebody creates a false identity to get see their reactions. Something about our education system seems very, very wrong with this crap going on… teaching deception in the name of learning…

Then the other part that pissed me off was the fact that this friend used the false persona to get to know me better and hold easier conversation. Now we have since reconciled and I harbor no ill will, and I don’t reference this story to start trouble or to be one of those emo people that complain about stuff. I do tell this story because I know a lot of people who don’t know people, but formlate that people don’t like them or that they cant talk to somebody.

Depending on my mood, the person at the end of the messages just talking to me usually gets a good result. So in this case there would have been a totally different outcome–regardless of who it was. However instead of being open, this person basically saw an invisible barrier and used a myspace and created an individual that didn’t exist to get to know me. Like I said we fixed this and now hold conversations without preconditions.

In real life lots of us do the something quite similar where we don’t know people, but have something to say about them. I don’t do it much, but doing it at all is something I don’t like. So the next time you find yourself not liking somebody, or prejudging somebody else because your friends, family, teammates, group partners, etc. do remember Wesley’s rule: You can’t understand something if you think you already have the answers…

How simple would things be if we treated everybody the same, or at least cared enough to take the necessary time to get to know people?


  1. 11/09/2008 at 6:29 pm

    speaking of false identity schemes…i did an aim prank on you when i was in eight grade and you thought the bot that was iming you was a gay guy who mistook you for a gay former classmate of yours who had the same name as you…very funny

    “Im hetero, leave me alone”

    i think the bots name introduced itself as a 20 year old male named vanessa or something.

  2. 11/09/2008 at 6:45 pm

    lol youve almost got it right. but it in your haste to prank me you had the bots name was ashley and knowing males name ashley i didnt want to take a risk. very funny though… i almost forgot about that

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