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I suck, I know. So I get to be random!

I haven’t been able to do the music thing… not cause I don’t have good music, but because its all in different places. If you don’t know me, or just don’t know the situation, I am very poor… beyond normal college student comprehension. Because of cultural beliefs instilled on my by several outside factors, I spend my money on useless material things, and completely meaningless crap.

Why does this matter? Well I have a 20Gb hard drive in my computer which is roughly half the age of my little sister… So I have music on all of my four jump drives which makes it difficult to combine all files because I never have all four at once (I have become extremely absent minded). Also zshare links keep dying on me, and my fear of the man has me afraid to post songs up from my own IP address. Anyways its coming soon (that’s what she said), and IF I don’t get to posting music before Tuesday then I will either post entire albums for stream/download (which is against my creed), or just stop trying to do music altogether.

The semester is winding down, and I think I’m OK with it. I will not do anywhere near as well as I hoped/need to do, but I think I learned a lesson I can carry through the rest of my academic experience–that is to not do anything but study and sleep. Everybody I know that just studies and sleeps does quite well. The people that have fun/have lives do pretty well too. I guess I should stop doing everything but school/fun/life/useless stuff so that I have more time for school. But I hate school and even if i were doing well I would still hate it… hmmm.

At my job I do a lot of “recycling” of confidential documents and every time I start recycling, I think of this Lil’ Wayne freestyle where he calls one of his boys Young Enron… I wanna say it was in between the Squad and the Dedication series’. Well I am sure I am recycling and shredding some pretty interesting stuff. In fact, I know I am  which makes me think of myself as Young Enron, cause I am getting rid of a whole bunch of important documents like Enron did. You probably don’t care, but I do cause to me it’s funny.

With the election over I have to go back to actual issue stuff. So I hopefully will get to talk about the cabinet Barack selects, some of the early on ideas that will be implemented and some funny humor about the whole situation. BTW, if you didn’t catch last week’s South Park episode you gotta check it out. It’s completely non sequitur, but funny nonetheless.

I didn’t stop following politics since election ended like a lot of people so from time to time I will updated major happenings in the political world. Unlike Sarah Palin, I can name the sources I get my news from, so I will draw a lot from the Wall Street Journal, New York TImes, Washington Post, Huffington Post, The Kentucky Kernel, and Yahoo’s referral sources like US World News, Reuters, the AP wire, etc.

I hope to get back into sports, and my dream scenario of USC playing Flordia for the BCS national title, the NFL season with the terrible Seahawks, the MLB offseason and all that needless over spending, and then the beautiful NBA season.

Blame UK for having so many problems for why you don’t see so much content. If I could just relax, occasionally study, write, and as the young kids say these days “cake”, I would have much more time to blog and blog more effectively. So until then, you’ll have to wait till Christmas Break till you get consistent hotness.


  1. 11/15/2008 at 1:46 pm

    You should get one of those free websites. Some of them will allow you to upload music. This way, all of the music is in the same place,

  2. gabrieloneverything
    11/16/2008 at 10:26 am
  3. 11/26/2008 at 9:11 pm

    i randomly caught that episode of south park.. hilar.

    ike, ike don’t jump!

    (in squeaky kid voice)… “goodbyyye” *jumps*


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