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What you do when you’re lazy

I have sooooooo much music to post… but I am too lazy to find all the links over again. Those damn music industry sucks and the zshare police kill all the links and take away all the free stuff. They over charge you for albums and such and then they take away music that we can download for free… just terrible. Maybe if they actually put out some good product we wouldn’t have to steal… ever think about that Mr and Mrs Record Industry? Oh well, I’ll get to it soon–very soon. Like hopefully later today/early tomorrow. If I can find everything I got about 50 or so songs I have recently added to the rotation. If you have been around me lately you’ll notice I’m happier…its mostly cause of the music! 🙂

Until then, here’s what’s on my mind–sports wise. I have got a bunch of stuff to talk about since I haven’t actually had a sports post in forever, but I’m gonna try to stick to football and this one looming story.

Plaxico Burress aka Cheddar Bob, shot himself in the leg when his gun allegedly accidentally went off. If for some reason you haven’t been following what has happened, here’s the skinny.

If you don’t get the Cheddar Bob reference you are a loser. Cheddar Bob was Jimmy aka B-Rabbit/Eminem’s retarded friend that accidentally shot himself while toting a gun in his pants.

What an idiot Plaxico is… and this more proof he generally just doesn’t get it. I guess its inherited though… I mean wtf is a Plaxico and why is he not the first and only? (He is named after his uncle. And no that doesn’t mean I am against ethnic, urban, black whatever names. I just don’t get Plaxico… PLAXICO.) Anyways, I heard a few things that were funny on Fox Sports Radio that really made this situation funnier to me. Morning show host Steve Czaban pointed out that if a movie featured the role of an African American athlete in a club, rocking excessive amounts of “bling”, and toting a gun in his sweatpants, it would probably be considered racist or completely unrealistich. HA. Another Fox Sports host, former Dallas Cowboy James Washington pointed out that only fake thugs carry guns in the front. This immediately made me think of the Boondocks episode where Gangstalicious released his fashion line. The brand showcased a tall-tee with a hole cut out in the back of the shirt to allow the wearer quick access to their weapons (in the show there was innuendo towards the homosexual nature of the shirt allowing rear-entry). Because I am such a good blogger, I went looking for a picture of the t-shirt to better explain what I am talking about to the non-Boondocks watchign audience. To my surprise there wasn’t a picture available on Google… but i did find this:

She doesn't look like a Gangstalicious tall tee...

Not really what you would expect to find for a search of Gangstalicious and tall tee’s but hey, much better than a picture of a cartoon! Sofia Vergara….. YES!

I really hope Plaxico is able to recover, because as much as I think he is an idiot, this speaks to the differences in the way people live. I want to say if this were a white athlete nothing would happen, but honestly a white athlete would never get into this position. The white athlete probably wouldn’t be iced out in the club. There isn’t a social stigma to stay “hard” or and having security is smart and not fake. If there are extenuating circumstances that implicate another individual he doesn’t have to worry about snitching or not and on, and on, and on. Fact is there are huge cultural differences between how we live in America, so when people make their judgements, I hope they consider some of these and the many other cultural differences that lead a person to make a decision like this.

Also, Czar Bloomberg needs to fall back off this “prosecute to the fullest extent of the law” on this case. He and the DA that prosecutes this in such a manner would be trying to make an example out of Plexiglass (see story for reference) that won’t do anything more than make him a martyr. Not that this will make it to you, but trust me on this Mayor Bloomberg, this won’t serve you well at all. Rapper Prodigy of Mobb Deep is incarcerated right now for the same thing, which is having a loaded weapon without a permit within New York City limits and somewhere one of his boys is running around committing a crime in free Prodigy tall-tee with the back missing (on some thug stuff).

On a lighter note, a couple of weeks ago the big story was Donovan McNabb not knowing that NFL games could end in a tie, which I think is funny because as soon time started winding down in the first (and only) overtime, I started rooting for a tie. I think the NFL overtime system sucks, and I would like for nothing more than it to die, or rather change in favor of something more similar to the NCAA tie system. Speaking of the NCAA system I am really, really, ridiculously frustrated at the BCS, but that’s for another day.


  1. Rob Baker
    12/04/2008 at 6:12 pm

    haha good stuff…Plaxico shouldn’t have been carrying a gun, but ur right about the cultural stigma…, ESPN just did an article on this type of “saftey” thing, stemming from Sean Taylor’s one year “anniversary” of his death:http://sports.espn.go.com/espnmag/story?section=magazine&id=3710707

    p.s. I co-sign Sofia..too fine

  2. 12/08/2008 at 3:22 am

    ok, see your blog about plaxico took me back to a bad place I just emerged from!!!! what a @$%#$…..maybe i didnt read right, but where does sofia’s fake-booby having sself come in? lol and i cant do much w/ the espn stuff…Im a girly-girl tro the point of hearingf about sports makes my eyes droop. 😦 lol

  3. 12/08/2008 at 3:23 am

    and rob, keep your eyes to urself before you lose them!
    ::growls in a threatening manner::
    dont worry Wes, I know him!lol

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