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Put a little bit of love in your heart

If you don’t know me then you probably don’t know how difficult I am as a person. It’s something I recognize, but neither desire nor care to fix, so you just kinda have to deal with it if you want to deal with me (the main reason why I am, and always will remain single–very few people outside of blood relatives can tolerate extended doses of this guy).

A couple of things that make me so difficult are the fact that I don’t like people and I don’t like customs, cordiality, or as we say here in the south speaking to people. The whole “speaking” thing to me is BS because most people do it not because they care or because the really want to know how someone is doing, they are just doing it because its tradition, and its rude not to fake hug somebody or fake inquire as to someones demeanor or life… I guess I would rather actually care or have that person care than them just ask because they think they should… oh well.

The not liking people basically is a complete and utter disgust for the way people act when in a group or familiar setting. What I mean by that is there are situations that lend themselves to excluding or alienating a person because they are different or because they aren’t a part of the group.

This can be intentional, where people go out of a their way to make someone an outcast, or it can be an unintentional set of actions that ostracize another individual with simple things like familiar dialogue or inside jokes. Whatever that may be, I don’t like it.

I do like individuals though, because when you get one on one with somebody you really get to see who they are and they are m0re apt to sharing just a little bit of who they are. And every now and then I “speak” to people when they are not a part of a group or putting on that front of who they are and I make real connections. It’s rare, but it happens. And thats where I have found the 7 or 8 people who can tolerate me and whatever I do that is so me. LOL

I say all that to say two things. One is general WSA (Wesley’s Service Announcement for all the mental track stars), try to be more genuine. Actually, don’t try, just be more genuine. Look at things from a fresh perspective and approach people and situations thinking about everybody involved. Spare a few minutes to really hold a decent conversation with somebody rather than constantly going through the motions with them. You will be surprised at what you find. I would much rather spend half an hour making a friend than pretending to know all of campus…

The other thing I want to do is give some props. A friend of mine, who I am still wondering why I am friends with her to this day, randomly facebook chatted me the other day–well about a two weeks ago now.  She started talking to me about the blog and life and what not. Since I am not sure why we are still friends, I went into my usual brief what do you want type chatting, and went through the motions, if you will. One thing I never do, simply because I hate it and it is the most rude thing you can do, is ignore people… OK I do ignore people occasionally, but not when it’s important LOL.

She was trying extra hard to be nice and I guess the reason for the conversation was to talk about blogging. My ego set in and I dropped whatever act it was I was putting on and got interested in the conversation. Long story short she was being uncharacteristically nice and wanted to help me out with my blog and referred me to a friend of a friend named Cameron Clark.

Now as a blogger of sorts, I respect good work, especially from young’ns like me…. except in this case. Let’s just put it like this: Cameron’s blog puts mine to shame. Not only does she get way more views, and post like 1000X more than I do, but she actually has things people care about. I suggest you take a look and enjoy: http://ingenueperspective.blogspot.com/

I get to check it out about twice a week, and I have to spend a good deal of time there, because there is so much quality content. one think I appreciate is hard work, along with people who are man enough to be themselves. Her blog is unapologetically unique and well just plain fun… so whoever you are check it out, be on the look out for new blogs to check out and please, please, please, try hard to be genuine!


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