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An acceptable invasion of privacy

First… I posted twice very close together so read the one just before this. It’s also new!

Disclaimer: I cannot write complete sentences because I am tired, and actually in general sick of thinking about this post. Oh… and I completely suck, but I need to blog and get my posts up.

Living in America is great. Life is a lot better than it is in the vast majority of the world, and a lot of that comes from the security blanket we have of our government. The government is cool cause like I said they look out for us, and they get us good deals on stuff as Americans. One of the main reasons why we have so much, is because our government monitors the hell out of everything, and save the occasional major oversight, like the Oklahoma City Bombing, Olympic Bombing in Atlanta, or 9/11 we are pretty safe. We don’t have to worry about suicide bombings, or constant terrorism, both in the physical and virtual world which is nice and makes living here very nice. Now I do not want to equate the following problem with terrorism, but I think it is something we really need to start monitoring… and that is sanitation, specifically washing hands.

Recently, reminded of the need to be sanitary in several ways, which I think will disturb me for a while. Seriously in the last 2 or 3 weeks I have been seeing and hearing about so many stinking health issues. I already am a sickly little boy and I don’t need more to worry about…. Interestingly enough the whole rush of disease started when I was watching something like Ben 10 or some random cartoon where they were talking about germs and the spread of disease and that really got me thinking about the whole sanitary thing and keeping disease away from spreading. Then this lady at work’s son got pink eye and she was worrying about spreading it… not cool. Then Mike had a status talking about proper hand washing techniques. We talked about ways to prevent the spread of germs and how they evolve in BIO 103. In BIO 111 we watched a video on why diseases spread and how ineffective antibiotics are becoming because of mutations of the germs and antibiocis being misused in general. Long story short… it was really scary for somebody that gets sick from just about anything these days.

I don’t know how this is for girls, but guys can attest to the fact that most men that enter a public restroom do not sanitize their hands. All of these things combined together to create this perfect storm of a blog about sanitation. There is so much information and education about how washing hands can prevent half the problems we have running around… and its so simple. Just soap and water… thats it.

If I didn’t go to an institute of higher education, or didn’t work at a hospital, I probably wouldn’t expect better. But students allegedly are smart and should know better… I mean you’re taught to wash your hands from the jump… even gangstas wash their hands… I don’t have photographic evidence, but take my word for it and follow this chart:

Please… wash your hands. I will buy you soap, no lie… you can save a life. Just wash. Look the Kids do it:

LOL @ the fact that we just did the same experiment that these little kids just did. Trust me people do not wash their hands… and it’s gross… I’ma be like George Bush and carry around hand sanitizer at all times, because people don’t wash their hands… as Oscar Rogers would say: “FIX IT”

{It’s good to be back}

Coming soon: Wes talks to nobody for no particular reason, Bush attacked by wingtips, more referrals and Juicy Campus… ignorance and stupidity at a level never before seen!


  1. 12/25/2008 at 9:24 pm

    i think we were in similar bio 111 classes because we totally did the same thing. was it at uk?? i just took that this past semester! i am sort-of ridiculous about washing my hands and i always get freaked out when people shake my hands. not in an ocd way or anything, but definitely in an observant “i really hope you washed your hands” kind of way! haha

    anyway…i tagged you (see below) so get to it!


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