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Do you really want to know?

Normally I pass on the tag you’re it internet “fun” that you see on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc, but this one is kind of cool just because it can give all of my blogger friends something in common. Cameron from Ingenue Perspective tagged me in her post, so its only right I continue the chain by participating and sending this along.

I am sure that at least one person (well several people) thinking they know me really well. I’ve got news for you: it takes more than living with me to know why I am the way I am. And I’m sure a couple of people may know one, maybe two things on this list, but that’s it.

1. I will do anything if I know the person that is asking really wants me to participate–that literally means anything. I don’t mean like a half-ass invitation to do something just because I am right there, but like a genuine “hey Wes, really you should do _________, I want you to come, participate, enjoy, etc…” you do that and you mean it. I’m there. And for women that’s even more true. I guess that’s what you would call a weakness :/

2. I am extremely loyal and it’s a problem, because I can only have so much loyalty out at once. I can’t run around being all loyal to everything and everybody. I have like 3 great friends, save everything and wear like 2 brands because of my loyalty only goes so far LOL.

3. I really like Heath candy bars, even though they have almonds, which I am allergic to.

4. My four favorite people to talk to are my cousin Mariah, Alise Marshall (who never calls me back), my little brother Kamron and my cousin Andre (whom I haven’t talked to in years). I can’t talk to them very frequently but the conversations are always fun.

5. I am always sick, broke and tired because karma is catching up with me and is restoring order to my life. When things get back in equal balance then life will be good.

6. My pastor growing up Rev. Dan W. States is the greatest person I have ever known and the most influential person in my life followed next by my Granny.

7. I HATE arguing. Really, I do. That may be hard to believe but its true.

Honorable Mentions:

  1. I always have basketball shorts on, unless I am naked or in dress pants (and that’s only sometimes).
  2. I have never dated anybody longer than 2 and a half months. Sad huh.
  3. I have purchased my favorite album (Blackout by Redman and Method Man) 4 times… and I love Red and Meth’s music even though a lot of it is about getting high. As Barack Obama does, I strongly denounce that type of behavior, but I condone the music LOL.
  4. I have never seen Titanic, but Leo DiCaprio is a great actor and most anything he is in makes for good cinema.
  5. Tony Kornheiser is the funniest person alive, followed closely by Michael Ray Wilbon (who is only less funny because he is not as ridiculous looking.)

I’m now gonna tag:

  1. Lamin
  2. Ashley
  3. Fatty
  4. Cappy
  5. Matt
  6. Marcus
  7. Gabriel

I’m glad the note only calls for 7 people to tag… I don’t know anybody else that blogs silly stuff LOL. While you’re at it check out their blogs!


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