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Sports–College Football Style

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I had to get this post in before the Fiesta Bowl, because I didn’t get any bowl predictions in at all :(.

I am the biggest Pac-10 supporter you’ll find this far east of the Mason-Dixon… that is if I am east of the Mason Dixon (I think it may go North/South). Oh well. Anyways, I stay up late and watch all things West Coast as much as possible, so when the Pac-10 goes 5-0 in the bowls and Utah dunks on Alabama, I am not in the least bit surprised. The Pac-10, football seemingly shrouded in East Coast bias never disappoints. Now I wouldn’t have picked Oregon State winning an a  3-0 rout of Pittsburgh, but I figured that the West Coast teams would do well because it isn’t just USC and a bunch of bums out on the coast. THE PURPLE AND GOLD WILL BE BACK!!!!

The only thing better than the wide open, speedy West Coast foootball is the pacific time zone. Those who were startled by the bowl results clearly never watch Pac-10/West Coast. Unfortunately, the talking heads at ESPN don’t do anybody a favor either, as they regurgitate the same thing over and over. I wouldn’t blame them–it is tough to watch complete games with a 9 or 10 pm eastern start time of any sport–BUT–they get paid to analyze sports, and other than Anthony Irwin Kornheiser, it is unacceptable. (Tony K. makes it clear he goes to bed early and obviously doesn’t take himself seriously, so its all good with me.)

The funniest thing is waking up in June and Picking up a Lexington Herald Leader that doesn’t have NBA finals scores, followed  closely by college football season not knowing what happened with USC, and finally late MLB games not making box scores till two days later.

BTW I’m gonna save all my homerism for the big Washington (the entire state minust that crappy school in Pullman) is coming back post.

Outside of the Pac-10 you also have great football with Hawaii playing well minus being overmatched in last years’ Sugar Bowl, along with new football “mid-majors” like Utah, Boise State and BYU. I say mid-majors in quotations because Utah and Boise State are on 5 or 6 year runs and BYU is one of the top tier programs in the nation, having won a national title in 1984, which is more than a lot of big conference East Coast schools can boast. But this year all three got jobbed. I have no idea which bowl BYU played in, and although they stole a win over my winless Huskies, they deserved a prominent bowl. They are definitely better than Pittsburgh…

Then you have Boise State who went undefeated and played on December 23. Yes that’s right, DECEMBER 23! The Broncos of the blue turf proved against Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl that they can play with anybody just a couple of years ago and then they get a bowl on December 23. Damn shame. The only thing worse was that TCU which also is better than most of the teams playing in a big bowl being stuck on the same day, in the same bowl that nobody watched. The NO. 9 and NO. 11 ranked teams played before Santa came. Tisk

Last and definitely the most consequential was Utah going undefeated and not getting consideration. Now I think Florida would Kentucky, Utah, but they deserve to at least be looked at. In one of the better columns I have seen all year (LOL its the 5th day), Dan Wetzel breaks down how the system F*$&ed the Utes over. It is hyperlinked two times so I want you to read it.


Wetzel talks about how writers/voters didn’t even watch the games Utah played also providing a little insight into why July 1, 1978 set BYU and Utah up for failure. I bet the Pac-8’s decision had to do with the fact that Mormons go to BYU. Not that I necessarily have a problem with Mormons, but religion and the West don’t go to well together.

I digress… the BCS is screwed, we need a +1, or at the very least get people who watch games. I like how Wetzel mentioned how the NCAA tournament selection committe worked. My suggestion is find level-headed sports enthusiasts like myself to do their job and let them scribe for the terminally ill news papers being slowly killed from writers factory manufactured sports opinions. On top of that they have to do away with these matchups that have to happen. I know the Pac-10 and Big-11 don’t want to give up the history, but that’s the first one that needs to go. Then the New Years bowls of Sec #5 vs Big 12 #3 have to go. Lastly, if we can’t get a playoff, give the teams that are inherently screwed a lot of money… it makes everything better.

In tonight’s Fiesta Bowl I got Ohio State. I hate Ohio State point blank, period. BUT, I think the game to watch would have been USC v Florida. Unfortunately the Big 12 sends Oklahoma to the BCS Title game… even though they lost to a Texas team that played nobody, other than what was in the conference. Actually, the entire conference other than Oklahoma not only didn’t play anybody, but has to this point, and as I am predicting tonight, will lay down.  I’m going OSU 35-Texas 24. Man I hate to do it, but I have beef with not seeing USC/Florida and not Tim Tebow not winning his second of what should be a record three Heisman’s because of a conference that plays no defense and hasn’t/won’t show well in bowls. I say all that to say I want the Big 12 to look as bad as possible so that hopefully some decent media coverage will look at the situation and say “hmmm, something is wrong.”

I was gonna talk about the national title, which is more mythical than before the BCS was conceived, but I think I wrote too much. Till next time! Viva Barack and a college football FBS playoff!


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