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WSA: More blogging for your viewing pleasure

One thing I am starting to realize is that my inability/lack of desire to socialize is my biggest personality weakness, and most likely the main reason why certain things come so difficult. For the most part my circle is very tight knit simple tasks and day to day basic human interaction can sometimes be daunting and damn near impossible. That said, my circle is being added too a little bit at a time and I am always randomly, and sometimes not so randomly meeting cool new people with interesting stories experiences, interests, jobs, hobbies, etc.

From this new found openness I am finding is I really don’t dislike people as much as I thought… and its kind of nice. I mean don’t get me wrong people still piss me off, but connecting on the individual level is something I wish more people valued. There are some days I get that extra boost from a simple conversation that gets me through the day or provides me with a positive outlook on my day/life. Even more than that, I am learning so much about the world around me… it’s better than any university education. I am glad to say that this social phase is working out LOL.

I remember one instance from early last fall where I met this guy Marcus Richardson. After putting together that Marcus is a friend of many friends, most prominently Mario Hughley aka DJ MariOHSONICE and Sol P, Tarik Pain aka Tarik Patrick Nally, we started talking about music which was natural as those two are music heads and so is Marcus. Long story short, dude has a cool blog, I say check it out, and listen to the music too… for whatever reason, I didn’t start listening to his music till this past week. I guess school really does take me away from everything. Hmmm…

Anyways check out the blog. Marcus of aka (Marcus McFly), really does a good job on the blog and I may get him (or whoever does his layout to hook me up with a nice design). The layout is dope, the subjects are funny and random, and well, I just enjoy it. Like with any other blog I visit, I don’t get to check it out as much as I would like, but hey, I try:

Marcus McFly

Another blog worth checkin’ out comes from my old manager at Sears, Matt Hosley. I have to recommend it because one thing I really like about Boss Hoss is his diverse musical taste, in addition to being an all around good guy. The most recent post takes a shot at Kanye West… I thought I disliked Kanye LOL. Seriously, the blog in general is interesting, and that particular post I mentioned uses a lot of facts to put Kanye in his place.

Overall, there’s less of a story/description here, because I didn’t randomly meet him, but trust me you’ll have just as much fun with his blog as you will with McFly. Be warned…Matt likes to write (as in it may be a little longer than your attention span can handle!)

Strange Situations

I figure if I continue to refer you to other blogs, when you come here and don’t see material for two and a half weeks, you’ll have something to do. But I’m not just referring you to blogs, there are (and hopefully will be more of) some interesting things I have linked as partners and the places I go. Right now I’m specifically recommending Imagination Theater. It’s an hour of contemporary radio theater that blows most every other entertainment outlet out of the water.

I have been a listener for since I can remember… like literally between 12 and 15 years. The link will take you to the two most recently aired editions, which you download a target to and it automatically plays in your media player (windows, itunes, real, etc.) I love it, and so has everyone I have referred the program to.

My favorite staple of the show is Kincaid the Strangeseeker… I have a thing for the paranormal/extraterrestrial/weird. The other recurring programs are the Adventures of Harry Nile and the Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Nile is a 1940’s/50’s private investigator that encounters the strangest occurrences in L.A., and most prominently, in Seattle. The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes uses the characters developed by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and through and arrangement with the estate of Dame Jean Conan Doyle, the classic continues in auditory form. Finally, there’s Powder River, a modern radio spin on the Old West. It is the newest of all the regular shows, which rotate weekly usually, with a lot of the older dramas the producer Jim French and Co. wrote back in the 70’s working as the secondary part of the hour of drama. Please listen! I’m begging!

So yeah, check out all that the blogs have to offer. I can’t promise being consistent, cause life really ambushes me sometimes, but there is always something out there to entertain you… for now Imagination Theater and Marcus McFly and Matt Hosley!


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