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W & W SA: Weezy and Wesley Service Announcement

NO!!! I’m not calling myself Weezy… that’s just weak, but here’s the rundown.

ESPN’s First Take gave this man Lil’ Wayne a spot as the guest arguer to Skip Bayless. This literally made my day, other than finally having the Exosquad torrent finish downloading. I am a “casual” fan of Wayne so I was more than slightly intrigued as to how this would pan out, because Wanyne is absolutely ridiculous, but hey, he’s entertaining and y’all love him. Check out Wayne and Skip dueling sports back and forth. Thanks to Nahright/Sportaphile (you can watch all 5 segments there!)

First off you can’t rip LenDale like that. I’m putting on a few pounds so I can do an authentic Fatboy Special… so LenDale is like my idol LOL. It’s also hilarious how Skip is a fan of Wayne and ranks Tha Carter III up with Prince’s Purple Rain. The only thing funnier than that is how they dressed Wayne up with the glasses thinking that might actually hide the fact that Lil’ Wayne, who really isn’t even that good at what he does, and he is now crossing over into another area in which he clearly does not have the capacity to commentate well.

Darren Sproles in his pocket? …Wow. This little gremlin said someone the same height, and probably 40-50 lbs. heavier his pocket. Yes, I get it was a joke, but the itty bittiest mf on the planet can’t go calling someone else Inch High Private Eye.

Overall this is comedic throughout, especially when they ask Wayne to explain himself and help him elaborate his flawed logic. I know Dana Jacobson was thinking “c’mon Lil’ Wayne, you’re a big boy, use your words.” Skip tried to be daddy and call him by his full name, which is ridiculously humorous “Dwayne Michael Carter…” (I wonder if he knows what Wayne does to his daddy) LOL.

Wayne stole the segment with his awful metaphor comparing music to football. To Wayne making music (hits and albums) is like sports, where you need to make more than just a hot song and compile a good body of work. Later on in the segment he said something about rolling with the hot team… priceless. I think he thinks he is good at music, but also doesn’t know that he is just on a winning streak and isn’t a dynasty.

Finally, there was Skips music video. SMH at this garbage.

The only thing worse this shameless display of humanity was Ohio State’s performance in the Fiesta Bowl. Ohio State head coach Jim  Tressel and his overrated coaching staff ruined this game for me. Believe it or not, I’m not mad because my prediction was wrong. Like I said, I hate Ohio State and them losing is no skin off my teeth. I do hate when teams that aren’t good win and then run their mouths about being the best and having a claim to the national title. Lets look at the game in a microscope (the mental notes I took from what I saw).

  • Beanie Wells had almost 100 yards rushing in the first half… and Ohio State only scored 6 points. Terrible
  • Both quarterbacks for Ohio State only completed 5 passes each going a combined 10 for 25. When they did throw the ball, it was extremely predictable and the Texas secondary was sitting on routes, and Pryor/Beckman had no rhythm to make good passes anyways.
  • Jim Tressel went for two for the first time ALL season… chasing points with over 7:26 on the clock. I went to the school of Bill Belichick and going for two and you never go for two that early. You have faith that your defense can get the ball back or at least hold the opposition to a field goal.
  • THEN, they went for two again up 21-17. Texas needed a touchdown at that point and going for two does nothing… other than giving Texas an opportunity to build a little momentum by stopping inane conversion tries (they got two because after a double pass interference, the Buckeyes went for two again!).  How completely out of touch Tressel and his staff are with how to play big-time college football (0r at least count)?
  • In another stupid, first time of the year, Tressel challenged the spot on the 4th and 3 where Colt McCoy completed a pass to James Kirkendol. The spot gave them the first down…and unless there is a really, really bad spot its not getting overturned in that spot. Matt Vasgersian said that it was a good challenge, because there was nothing to lose… right.
  • All that and the Longhorns won on a last minute drive, where inexplicably, there was no safety coverage over the top and all of the linebackers were two and a half yards off the line of scrimage. Ohio State wasted a timeout that may have helped them after that unsportsman like conduct penalty gave them above average field position. With 16 seconds left and three timeouts, you may be able to pull something off… or at least try… unless you’re Ohio State and you’re terrible. Thanks guys!

I’m glad I got that out.

Yes, Ohio State had inferior players, but Texas coach Mack Brown is no coaching maven and his team was not prepared for the Chips Bowl. But, in usual fasion Jim Tressel loses another big game and Texas thinks it deserves the Associated Press’ nod for the college football championship.

Speaking of illegitimate claims to the national title…Here is a great column by Greg Doyle silencing Utah’s right to the BCS Title.

Somebody should have rigged the BCS so that USC played Florida, in a battle of the two most talented teams in the country. Then we wouldn’t be having all these arguments about who is and isn’t deserving… but wait, then the BCS would have worked. Nevermind, I hope it stays screwed up.


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