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BCS Title Game: Sooner or Gator?

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Oklahoma already won! ……………Right!!!!!

I know… that”s a pretty corny title… I think I have been hanging around too many jouralists (20 bucks says one of the major sports entities has the same title for their preview). But alas, I am compelled to pick this title game. I have picked Florida all year, generally in big bravado victories. Save Urban Meyer getting excessively cute with play calling against an Ole Miss team, that ended up being much better than anticipated, I was right.

I said it all year, they were the second most talented team in the country, USC being #1 and I figured it wouldn’t be a problem for them to make it to the national title game. When people said Georgia was the best in the land I laughed–as I did when any other team was mentioned, except for obviously USC. The Gators feature one of the best quarterbacks in college football history (wrongly robbed of his second of what should have been three Heismans), an insane amout of offensive speed, and individuals at every postion that will be staples in NFL rosters. Why pick against them? (I wouldn’t mess with Brandon Spikes, that’s for sure!)

B. Spikes... hell F you up.

B. Spikes... he'll F you up.

Well, down in the Big 12 there was this storm brewing of these offensive juggernauts that were posting totals that looked like low scoring college hoops games. I traditionally have hated on the Big 12 because whether it be Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas A & M, or Kansas State, they have never really lived up to the hype. Now throw in these emerging teams like Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, Kansas and Missouri, that are putting up big points, but have no history of long standing national prominence and I am even more skeptical. But other than against Texas, which was a great back and forth shootout, the Oklahoma Sooners were dominant in conference, making all comers look like children. They have scored all over everyone and none of their games, except for their one loss to the current #3 Texas Longhorns, have been close. Literally, they are in their own orbit.

So why am I picking the Gators? Easy. They are better. Normally, I don’t use conference affiliation to make arguments for why a team is better, but in this case it’s the best distinction. There are NO defenses in the Big 12 like in the SEC and all Oklahoma did was chuck the football around, score early and often and sit back and wait for teams to throw, throw, throw in order to come back. Florida did a lot of the same thing, but the Gators won with balance. A lot of Tim Tebow’s numbers were significantly lower than his Big 12 counterparts, not because Tebow lacks talent, but because his team possesses much more balance, and quite frankly, they ran the ball down team’s throats. There wasn’t the same need/agenda to throw the ball all night like you had with the Big 12 powers. Why I remember when Kentucky played Florida, in a game that ended 63-5, where Florida was doing nothing more than running the ball up the middle and breaking big plays.

This will be a high scoring game as both teams match up against each other’s weaknesses pretty well. Oklahoma will be able to exploit a Florida defense that has not faced a pass offense in the top 30 since playing the 16th rank pass offense of Georgia. Similarly, Oklahoma has not faced a total defense ranked higher than 49… Florida is ranked #8 in the nation. Having played 4 of the top 15 defenses in the country, the lowest point total Florida put up was 30 in a win over Tennessee (Oklahoma has the 63 rated defense).

Btw. Bob Stoops is the Big 12 Jim Tressel (can’t win the big game).

I could go on, however I think it would be redundant and at this point I would start to say the same stuff you may see on ESPN. The only ESPN college football guys I like will pick Florida (Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit. Wait maybe just Herbstreit who stole my USC/Florida BCS title prediction, whic probably ruined it altogether.) Just know that Florida is better and they are gonna win. Probably by 2 touchdowns, but you never know about these kinds of things, which is why I don’t bet on sports… you never know how things are going to turn out. Unlike with Ohio State Texas, I don’t want to believe one team is better than another. It’s a fact. Florida 45-Oklahoma 27.

The game is going to be either really close or a huge blowout. I figure with the score predicted, it is somewhere in the middle of both and one way or the other I won’t be too far off LOL.

Please note: I am extremely biased, I love to watch Florida play and I cannot stand the overrated Big 12 or the injustice dealt to Tim Tebow’s three Heismans. Oh well… Watch the game and give me feedback on whether or not I am right/wrong.


  1. Palestinian2
    01/08/2009 at 6:54 am

    go gators!

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