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Not dead, just… resting…

I am beginning to loathe blogging. It’s not easy, and it definitely wears on my mind. I mean, love it to death, because I think people either know me better from it or at least understand somewhat why I am so strange. But I hate it at the same time because I have to do even more work for free… with an extremely limited kick-back. So yeah it ain’t dead… at least not yet.

Maybe this whole black president being official will get me back in the spirit… yeah, I think it has. Some people, like me had to work or had class so they didn’t get to watch the festivities… some may just want to watch again. In any event herre go dat speech:

I won’t rain on any parades today, because truly this is historic. But we have to work and continue to demand change and hold that man Obama accountable. Already has had to fall back on some of the change he wanted to make, with some of his appointments and the people in power. This guy, Mark Edwards on the Gather.com presents some interesting commentary on the Obama situation.

Barack is also having to stick with some status quo allowing the old Bush administration’s wiretapping to remain. Edwards mentioned it, but the Wall Street Journal has the specifics of why it’s still around. None of this has anything to do with your boy having to give up his Blackberry to take the oval office.

Check out Jay Smooth from Illdoctrine.com. This said exactly what I wanted to day without being an ass:

“…racism Still exists, no matter what Bono says.”

Change is great and being an active part of it is even better. If you truly believe in what Barack stands for you have to be everyday miniature extensions of that funny looking mixed guy with the big ears. Oh, speaking of big ears–check out the editorial cartoon from today’s Kernel. Clearly, not everybody is a fan:

What Obama is up against

What Obama is up against

Conservatives don’t know whats about to hit them… neither do I. But it’s time to be positive and act like we got some sense! (P.S. this is a good… even great political cartoon, by no means racist.)

Signing out Wesley James Robinson I on the first Obama Day. Waaaaiiiittt…. Something ain’t right!

As much as I love that song, please let’s not make it the new youth negro national anthem and bang it in white people’s faces… act like you been there (even though you haven’t).

Now I’m Done. (Like Brady Quinn in the EAS commercials.)


  1. fatimah
    01/20/2009 at 5:39 pm

    i really liked that first link you provided… he had a good perspective.

    also, if you hate blogging, find another outlet 🙂 don’t stress yourself out over something you don’t like!

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