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One of the main reasons I’ve been slackin’ on my bloggin’ is the internets, specifically other blogs and youtube. I try to refer other blogs and will get back in the habit of doing so, but I never actually refer you all to youtube channels and specific videos. Usually they have strong language, so don’t let your kids watch these if you can’t deal with language or adult themes.

Lately I’ve been on my pro-black ish and noticing how all things work together. This first video/blogger Phillip DeFranco is pretty great. He does daily obscure news, a D-bag of the day, and then asks you a question to get your mind going. I like what he’s got. Here is the first video I saw that got me hooked:

It’s kinda funny because I know tons of people that say negro… but that’s because its public and they keep from facilitating the use of the “n-word”. Here’s the link for sxephil. I strongly recommend you follow and enjoy.


This next video I have been sitting on posting for a while, but I still think it’s pretty funny so I’ll show it to ya. The creators touch on topics of race in various aspects of culture and what not in different settings, something I think we need to really address. To me humor always does it best… take Chris Rock who is pretty vulgar and raw to the masses, he has his own show, is probably the most known black comedian (either him or Dave Chappelle). He always tells it like it is, as best as a black man can, and learns some people a lesson. So the next couple videos are of that ilk.

First, racism on the elevator:

And now racism at the Bus stop:

Racism at the bus stop is near and dear to me, because people finally stopped calling me an Uncle Tom to my face… the funny thing about it is it was always the semi-educated, relatively well-off people making that mistake, not the real everyday down to earth people. Never that, I am a man of the people, always have and always will be! Oh here’s the link to the youtube channel for RecklessTortuga:


Finally let’s finish this post up strong… If you’re familiar with the Boondocks, you’ll enjoy these videos, if not step your cartoon watching game up. I found this clip of show creator, writer, producer, Aaron Mc Gruder, who took his award winning comic strip, The Boondocks to Cartoon Network a few years ago. Here’s his Nightline interview:

Now that that’s out of the way, time for some raw comedy. Now most people are going to hate these videos, but these may be the most well-done satires I have seen. Actually, I think it’s just the first video that’s really bad…. The comments on the video really proves its working the way they intended:

At the end of the day, this is art. Most people place their own personal view on who their Jesus is, but somehow Jesus was a white long-haired guy with a beard. Is it really blasphemous because Jesus is black, with a bluetooth, and a drinker that curses says the nigga ever other sentence. Probably, but the point is that when Jesus isn’t the Jim Caviezel/Willem DaFoe look alike, then it’s wrong and that’s what they are trying to destroy. Plus, I think that I think like Aaron McGruder and his team. To me words are words, they have power if you let them have power, and while I don’t think it’s good to talk like that, at the end of the day it’s only offensive if you let it be.

Tubesteak says no to boondocks season 2… I like my ish uncut!

Boondocksbootleg’s youtube page:


I may concede my “best there is, best there was, and best there ever will be” title to Aaron Mac and his team.


  1. warren
    01/22/2009 at 9:36 am

    There is another guy that does a daily skit just like that, actually there are a bunch of them. I don’t remember their names but I’ll send you a link if I find it.

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