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25 Things…

I hate these things, but apparently they are too popular to pass on. What I mean by that is if the New York Times is following it, it must be big. Check out this article on the 25 things phenomena sweeping across facebook (thanks Fatty who is skinny).

What a world we live in where such information is readily accessible and easy to spread. I was walking to get lunch at the hospital and one of the medical teaching staff members was talking about how they passed on their randomness to their students. I can only imagine the random things that would come from some of my profs, advisers and mentors, that is if they were on facebook AND if I had a major lapse of judgment and friended them. Oh well.
I did something like this a lil while ago for blogging and that was OK, but a list of 25 things definitely is more interesting. Here ya go:

1. I always wear socks on the wrong foot.

2. I love music, which extends to the Pinks, N*Sync’s, Keane’s, Radioheads, and other non-hip hop music I enjoy (but I listen to hip hop the most by far).

3. My old roommate tells me that I am in love with my best friend ALISE MARSHALL, whom I would love if I could ever get a hold of her lol 🙂

4. My most favorite possession is my bear Billy which I have had since God knows when (I’m pretty sure he’s still in the basement at my mom’s house).

5. I have never/will never see Titanic. (Saw series either)

6. My family is the most hilarious group of people ever. So many unique personalities, talents, and interesting traits should not be allowed to ever be together at once. But all it takes is a couple and things quickly get funny. Between my little brother, sister, my aunt Benita, Uncle Joe, Andre and Demetrius (whom I haven’t seen in years), and Spanky and Mariah I think I have the most fun though.

7. My best friends are married, settled down or live far away so I never really get to see them.

8. Living with people has broken my many obsessive compulsive tendencies.

9. If I could be anyone else on the planet I would be Kobe, because I think I would enjoy silencing the critics about who is the best basketball player ever.

10. My personality has been compared to Dr. Cox on Scrubs by so many people.

11. I have been told I look like Usher, 50 Cent, LL Cool J, Morris Chestnut, Dennis Haysbert, Nelson Mandela, Jesse L Martin (the guy from law and Order) just to name a few. Ironically, several of the people who made these associations were serious AND sober.

12. I very rarely hang out with people my age. 90% of my friends are either older or younger… I either get to be immature and stupid depending on who I’m hanging with.

13. I apparently kicked an addiction to the internet that I had back in 2006… right.

14. King of the Hill is probably my favorite show to watch. It’s so well executed and dead on for real life i.e. a character name Joe Jack. (Greg Daniels is a genius.)

15. My favorite pair of shoes (that I own) are the Nike Air Max Plus (midnight navy, tart, pro-gold, white). My favorite pair of shoes (that I don’t have and will never get) are Nike Air More Uptempo from the ’92 Olympics worn by my second favorite player of all time Scottie Pippen. The shoes I want the most are the the Nike Air Shake Ndestrukt (white/obsidian patent) worn by Dennis Rodman. Those shoes are so hard.

16. Zoolander is the litmus test for whether or not I will like a girl, if you don’t like male models you won’t like me.

17. I have a really obvious schtick that everyone takes seriously. It’s kind of funny too, cause apparently I’m believable enough for it to stick.

18. The 5 best rappers active/alive go in this order: Mos Def, Andre 3000, Common, Jay-Z and of course Joe Budden (I dare you to disagree). My favorites go like this: Redman, Joe Budden, Devine Carama, Young Jeezy, Fabolous.

19. I make lots of lists and try to rank everything… if you have never heard me say “that is waaaaaayyyyy better than that” or “you’re and idiot” after conflicting opinions, then I really don’t like you… but that’s only because my taste is better than yours.

20. I see Yahya Ahmed almost every day and it generally agreeable.

21. I am a total well-wisher for most everybody I know, but I can’t help but envy people who have figured life out. It’s one of the main reasons I ask so many questions!

22. I cannot sleep in silence, it hurts. I also cannot go to bed hungry.

23. I am a high functioning degenerate; meaning I waste more time procrastinating, interneting, daydreaming, thinking, pondering, shootin the breeze, idling, etc. than anybody but because of being high functioning I can generally get some things done.

24. Success scares me.

25. I love everybody (except about 5 people) and even though I ordinarily don’t seem like it. I am extremely anti-social. Side note: I want to tag the maximum amount of people for this note, but alas knowing so many people doesn’t equal true friends. But I do have a great and diverse group of good friends. Thanks guys and gals!

I could probably go on for days about randomness… because I am a random guy. I’m going to kill my little sister for calling me by my full government. I have about five, hour plus phone conversations a week, but I hate talking on the phone. I don’t wear khakis. I love mayonnaise. I don’t read well, and so on and so on. Maybe I’ll do another one down the road…


  1. fatimah
    02/16/2009 at 7:27 pm

    You’re welcome 🙂

    So what do you fall asleep to? Sometimes I get really conflicted between being hungry and sleepy and don’t know if i feel like walking up to the kitchen…

  2. 02/17/2009 at 11:33 am

    well i have to eat within a couple of hours of sleeping… which is bad because i have to take a medicine that im supposed to take 3 hours before bed. so i generally just lay listen to music and think till i cant anymore :(. and i feel you on the kitchen thing. i started keeping snacks in my room, but the problem with that was i only kept candy lol

  3. 02/19/2009 at 1:41 am

    I love Keane!!!

  4. 02/19/2009 at 3:45 pm

    yeah i they were mad popular back in 8th grade LOL and Ive kinda been listening a lot more cause of Imeem and this modernmusic blog

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