Last week was rough for a couple of my favorite celebrities (Alex Rodriguez and Chris Brown). And as much as I am a fan of these two guys, I kinda have to stop and remember that nobody is perfect and even having everything in the world doesn’t make one happy.

In the case of A-Rod, I have been a fan since he came up with my Mariners. The kid was an ungodly talent, with ridiculous potential both offensively and defensively, and he seemed like a really good kid. He starred with the Seattle going 40/40 (home runs and stolen bases) in ’98 and put up MVP type numbers in the indoor crackerbox that was the Kingdome. He fit pefectly in with Ken Griffey, Jr., Edgar Martinez, Jay Buhner and Randy Johnson as the young guy that knew how to get it done. Jump to 2009 and he went from the clean-cut, babyfaced, youthful prodigy to the money grubbing, attention laden, steroid using superstar.

I still am a fan and still love A-Rod, despite the fact that he took a quarter of a billion dollars to go play ball in Texas AND is now a bleepin’ Yankee. I am mad at Scott Boras his agent that really, really screwed up the negotiations pretty much ensuring Alex and Seattle would never meet terms. But in his case whatever the truth about his steroid use proves that we cannot rule out anyone as a user, and that maybe we need to re-examine how we view or superstars.

I don’t have as much to say about Chris Brown because the situation is still unclear and there will probably be details we will never know. I really wish the kid well because his talent and entertaining ability are extremely rare in the game we have today. The kid’s pure talent, no gimmicks, and I just pray that this doesn’t ruin his career.

Oh, Jay Smooth of illdoctrine.com always drops knowledge, and in the video below he brings in an author to discuss violence against women and in hip hop.

The most interesting thing about the Chris Brown situation was when the news first broke and the story was reported on major news networks started their stories with phrase, “rapper, Chris Brown”. Now Chris may occasionally spit a few bars, but he definitely is a singer, then an entertainer, and I may even go with actor before I get to rapper. Either it’s bad journalism, being lazy and not fact checking, or it’s negligent stereotyping…

I am as guilty as the next for holding celebrities on a pedestal and in one week, two of my favorite celebrities really took hard hits, self inflicted hits. A-Rod went overboard and decided to cheat and Chris Brown resorted to violence. I just hope they don’t fall too far, because they can be great examples of redemption after coming out of this. But it will be easier said than done. Alex works and lives in the toughest place in the world, and has a whole heap of other problems going on with him. Chris Brown’s situation is self-explanatory.

I wish them both good luck


  1. 02/19/2009 at 1:40 am

    The Chris Brown/Rhianna thing totally caught me by surprise,as did the A-Rod. However, I think Chris Bornw will better off than A-Rod. The media is going to roast him, and we all know A-Rod can’t handle the media at all. Chris Brown will just make that transition to Bobby Brown/R.Kelly. And ask for Rhianna, while she is right for going to the police, depending on how she conducts her self during the trials, she could get branded as a “Bitch”. I know, its not fair, but this is how it can get sometimes. Cool blog, dude.

  2. 02/19/2009 at 3:44 pm

    I tend to agree with you a but I think A-Rod is going to have a triple crown type season this year, he has to perform and must be the best player on the field. Chris I think is worse off because his nice guy image is gone. When he started getting tatted up and what not he didnt lose too much but he lost some, now he is full on bad. I appreciate you reading though and I will be checkin your blog out as well

  3. fatimah
    02/20/2009 at 10:44 pm

    Ya I was just talking about the Chris Brown thing today..he really does have a chance at redemption and maybe it will raise awareness for domestic abuse, that it can happen no matter how much fame or money you have. I am guilty of putting him on a pedestal hah.. I get really mixed feelings when I hear a song of his on the radio etc… For some reason it evokes a lot of emotion. I know they’re just people too. Sigh. And then I feel bad that the issue is so public that they can’t deal with it on their own terms. But I guess that comes with the fame. Sorry for rambling, the whole thing really bothers me!

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