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When at home, I almost exclusively watch sports. Generally the  commercials I see are on ESPN, Fox Sports, or one of the major broadcast networks during a game, making most of the commercials sports based. This following commercial is the best commercial I have seen in a long time:

Let me amend that statement… it is the best non-Nike, non-internet exclusive commercial I have seen in a long time. Jimmy Rollins pushing remixed Griffey’s and taking baseballs of the chest is pretty hard to top. But it can be done…

I used those qualifiers for the best commercials because Nike has a lot of web advertising that never reaches the masses, yet these internet spots are as genius as their normal advertising. Other companies follow suit, but it’ never as good as this:

You may see some rendition of this commercial in a small edited clip, but what you get in the full version is hilarious. The best part is Kobe randomly on a horse and then the job description (everything from CEO to jefe, which is boss in Espanol). If you have the time randomly mosey on over to Nike’s website and check out their content do so because it’s great. Oh and that post on the greatness of Nike is still comingone day.

Gatorade is following suit with really funny and creative commercials as well, in their “Quest for G” campaign. Here’s the full quest:

If somebody told me that the folks at Gatorade stole some Nike people to do these spots, I wouldn’t be surprised. I have heard (or rather read) that this is a parody of Monty Python, which is a parody itself. That’s pretty interesting and now I kinda want to watch some Monty Python.

Finally, here’s my favorite sports related commercial with NASCAR racer Mike Wallace’s cousin, Loren Wallace:

“I’ll put him in the wall!” = Priceless

I had to update that commercial in this post for obvious reasons, namely hilariousness.


  1. Fatimah
    03/04/2009 at 8:34 am

    lol he spanked him at the end

  2. Fatimah
    03/04/2009 at 8:34 am

    wait i just noticed there were more commercials. i love espn commercials,thanks for posting!

  3. 03/04/2009 at 12:22 pm

    no problem thanks for reading/viewing

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