The most appealing aspect about Christianity, and the restorative property that got my motivation temporarily moving is grace.

[This post was written on Friday, but I wanted to let Robert Baker’s great column get some air.]

In short, life/the universe has thrown me some much needed, yet unjustified favor lately which I can’t ignore and must act upon.

Yesterday (Thursday) as I was walking home some friends drove by, stopped, and forced me to take a ride home with them. It’s funny because normally people just drive by honking or waving, even though they are going the same direction… hmmm. Most days I’m cool walking, but snow wafted down from the sky (yes, it snowed in March, in Kentucky) so the offer and subsequent ride was mucho welcome.

A fellow student, journalism freshman Robert W. Baker published an excellent column in the Kentucky Kernel today (Friday). As much as I enjoyed the column, I have to say I am disappointed that it ran on the Friday before Spring Break. The maximum amount of eyes need to view this column, in my very humble opinion, which is why I published the whole thing in my last post, and have linked and will full text the column as well so that it gets more views. Robert’s column is exceptional and highlights the reality of the psychological effect of violence. Here’s some background info on that relative to Chris Brown.

I was proud to see Robert get published, because there is this barrier, both real and perceived,m that separates black students from my school paper, the Kentucky Kernel and the other forms of campus media. It isn’t impossible to be a contributor as a minority, but it is not as easy as it would be if one were of the majority. Nonetheless Robert, a freshman, got it done and did a good job.

Other students have been published, but I guess in Mr. Baker’s case I see a different determination than the rest… actually that’s not true, because Jasmine Whitlow runs the Pinnacle, DJ Lacy is all over the Channel 50, Ashley Jackson, Geoffrey Griggs, Sharnya Duncan all have been published, and many other students get it in as minority journalists. I guess I just like Robert better and paid more attention to him being published LOL.

I had a test to make up today (Friday). I fell asleep on most of Kobe’s game, but was up all night basically watching Sportscenter, playing Marvel vs. Capcom 2, listening to music, reading Watchmen, while “studying”–so if you didn’t guess,  I was screwed. I went to the class in which I had the test and had my head down the entire period. I took notes and even participated in the teachers flash, show of hands survey, even though it felt like a jackhammer was trying to drill through my left eye. I was scheduled to take the test after the class, except for my professor didn’t have a copy of the test, and seeing as how I had a headache, he decided to allow me to take the test Monday AFTER Spring Break.

Less that 20 minutes ago (from when I started typing this postFriday), I went to the UK hospital cafeteria for a slice of pizza, a vitamin water, some Simply Nut Yogurt Raisins and a piece of garlic bread. I had to get that exact combination minus the tax which is removed with the student discount in order for my food to total $6.66. After the cashier saw that and I mentioned that it was also Friday the 13th, she gave me a 30% hospital volunteer discount on my food.

Here was my horoscope today. Now I don’t normally put much stock in these sorts of things but take a look at it and then see how it works in with the rest of the post:

Today is a 7–You may still be lagging behind. Your teammates cover for you. You’ve done the same for them i n the past, and you will again. Accept whatever assistance is offered.

Those small occurrences got me back on track… I think. It is amazing how small things can really get you motivated though, especially when your faith in people is rewarded/pays off, you catch a few breaks and your teammates continue to cover for you in ways seen and unseen. Anyways, check back with me next Friday after I have attempted to do all of the crap (including studying for that Anthropology test) that I need to catch up on.

Wish me luck… or some more grace rather.


  1. Renee
    03/16/2009 at 9:08 pm

    Good post. Grace is definitely a wonderful thing. I have experienced it on many occasions even when I feel like I didn’t deserve it and many times when I wasn’t expecting it.

  2. 03/18/2009 at 4:31 pm

    Yeah thats what im saying. it was nice to have that little bit of goodness give me a bit of a way out for the time being that is.

  3. Matt
    03/21/2009 at 3:42 am

    Very nice. The way I see the broad definition of ‘grace’ in Islam is through the concept of Rahma. Rahma, derived from the name for God being Ar-Rahman, holds a meaning of tenderness, loving kindness, protection, and nourishment. It specifically is a type of Godly love that flows forth to creation regardless of request on creation’s part.

    Just thought I’d bring up a point in comparison for discussion’s sake.

  4. 03/21/2009 at 4:49 am

    Yeah. I choose Christianity because I am overly American sometimes and have been trained to think of life in Christian terms. But yeah I think that is especially relevant. Thanks Matt!

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