To fill some time here’s just a few random things I have been following lately:

If you haven’t heard the guy who threw the shoes at George W. Bush received a three year prison sentence for his acitons. The actual incident:

I’m torn on this one. You can’t throw shoes at my president, but this was pretty funny aside from the blantant intended (deserved) disrespect. I’m not sure where I come out on this one. Anyways, here are the details about the whole thing. Poor guy, he just threw some shoes…

The only poorer guy than him is me.

OK not really, but you kept reading right? I win.

I stumbled across this column that alleged smart people have trouble dating. Here is the full text article, it’s a pretty good read so check it out! While I don’t consider myself a smart person, especially not in the top 5% as this column frames “smart”, I do think I suffer from some of the issues indicated in the column. The main thing being focusing on accomplishments. Now I don’t necessarily hop out the bed, turn my swag ME on and go looking to make waves during the day, but at the same time I know that I am much more concerned about figuring out life, school and trying to get in some lane on the highway of life, and thus dating is something I neglect. I won’t say I am a bad date because quite frankly, and the ladies find me generally functional (I think), but like I said it isn’t something I actively seek. Hmmm.

One of my favorite actors has become a rapper and is really living the part. Here’s Joaquin Phoenix beefing with one of the people in the crowd:

Priceless… I  have seen commentators discourse that believes the whole thing is a joke and the fight was staged. Here is what rolled across the AP wire. I don’t too much care one way or another because in general its entertaining. Rap beef usually ends bad, but whether staged or legit, this shows how stuff should just blow over and not be such a big deal.

A good example of how rap beef can end well is with Joe Budden and Saigon. They both recently went on air to discuss their squashed beef and talk about the future. The best thing about the beef is Saigon left reinvigorated and has been putting out high quality music lately. He has a project that just dropped today, produced by Statik Selectah that will be distributed through Amalgam Digital (the label Joe Budden is signed to). The project is appropriately entitled All in a Day’s Work as the album was recorded in a single day. Simply put, this album gives me hope for Saigon’s future and the future of hip hop in general. Saigon’s first album the Greatest Story Never Told has yet to be told and in general hip hop sucks. I have heard a few tracks and like what I hear very much and to me it’s more evidence of the bright spots in the industry.

Maybe that is Joaquin’s whole rap schtick make it about the music and the love of the art rather than the gimmicks and all the side stuff Check out J to the Q’s skills on the mic:

Let me know what you took out of that. Do you think he has a future? Personally, I’m OK one way or the other, but this is definitely something different.

Speaking of something different, I am still looking for ways to improve the blog. If you have any ideas, suggestions, comments, criticisms, love, hate… or if you think I need to shut up please let me know.

I now return to Spring Break in Lexington :/


  1. 03/17/2009 at 5:46 pm

    Kinda interesting how slow the secret service was on that one… he had enough time to bend down and take his other shoe off.

    Also, interesting how Bush crouched on the first one and just stood there for the second one.

    I’m wondering what the response would have been if it was Obama he got the assault.

  2. 03/18/2009 at 4:35 pm

    The whole thing is interesting cause of how it goes down not regularly, but enough to where people arent surprised by its occurence.

    I think the first time Bush was like wtf and the the second time he was like oh… shoes, nothing to worry about.

    and if it were Barack I dont think it would have happened. the people around the world i think are more respectful of Barack… i guess i think that way.

    By the way you have a great site and I will write a post on it soon!

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